Sony announces Limited Edition MGS: Peace Walker Bundle

Ve3tro writes: "Sony today announced the availability of the limited-edition Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker PSP bundle, combining Konami's award-winning Metal Gear Solid franchise with the PSP-3000 system.

To coincide with the launch of the stand alone game, this exclusive package will be offered at major retail locations in the United States and Canada for $199.99."

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AngryFork3044d ago

Green is fail but i'm interested.

Ve3tro3044d ago

Depends how the green will be used though. Hopefully some pictures will be released soon.

darthv723044d ago

They opted to use the 3001 instead of the Go. If there was a game to spark interest in the Go....this could have been it. Preloaded and ready to play for a special price of $199 would have done wonders for the PSP-N1001.

catch3044d ago

Sweet it might finally be time for me to pick up a psp.

ScubaSteve13044d ago

thats it nothing special like the japanese version?

and let me guess nothing imprinted on the back of this psp

sashimi3044d ago

well the west never gets the good limited edition stuff like japan :(

Somnipotent3044d ago (Edited 3044d ago )

where's the camo?! watermelon green doesn't reflect MGS very well. honestly, i'd buy one if it had octocamo, but the biggest problem with that is i'll probably put it down and lose it.

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