Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep Awakens In North America With Extra Content

The North American version isn't a straight localization. Square Enix is enhancing it with more multiplayer options, an extra boss fight, and more multiplayer modes. An interview snippet also mentioned rebalancing the game by nerfing Megalfare and powering up bosses, but those changes are still unconfirmed

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sinncross3192d ago

More multiplayer modes? and other extra content?

My most anticipated PSP title of 2010 just got so much better!

Meryl3192d ago

wow i love KH, but with mulitplayer, it will be awesome!!!

rezzah3192d ago

A must buy for me, KH series are the best.

ScubaSteve13192d ago

wow north america is not getting screwed so will this be the version the japanese always get with the extra content

Tomdc3192d ago

they did the same with either kingdom hearts 1 or 2 :) maybe even both i can't remember.

Lavalamp3192d ago

Birth by Sleep, I must have you!

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