Examiner: MLB 10: The Show review

Ex: "Basketball fans have NBA 2K, football junkies have Madden and baseball enthusiasts have MLB: The Show. That's just the way the gaming world works, and neither three of these franchises have shown any willingness to shake things up a bit, least of all MLB: The Show.

Choose any aspect of MLB 10: The Show and it's easy to see how much time and effort Sony has invested in ensuring the game is not only true to the sport, but also fun to play. The batting and pitching? Intense and top notch. The fielding and base running? Everything you'd expect it to be. The graphics? Awesome. The extra modes? Too many to count.

Even with 2K's MLB 2K10 nipping at its heels with a surprisingly solid comeback this year, MLB 10: The Show clearly demonstrates why it's still the best video games have to offer."

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