New trailer of Majin released - look out Team ICO

It's been a while since we've heard from Game Rupblic, the luminary Japanese developers that brought us Folklore back in 2007. Their vow of silence seems to be over, though, as they just released a new trailer for the upcoming PS360 game, Majin: The Fallen Realm.

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2FootYard3135d ago (Edited 3135d ago )

Should have left that last bit out of the title. The idiots on here will take offense to that and decide on skipping this game all together because of it.

-Alpha3135d ago

That's the only way to inflate fanboy e-peens.

This looks good but the similarity between TLG in the beginning was shocking. They are trying to push a Human/Animal relationship, but I'm sure many games do that... it's just that the manner in which they did it was exactly like TLG's.

Noctis Aftermath3135d ago

This looks like a fairly solid game, it might even have co-op seeing how it listed PSN and xbox live at the end.

mabreu3135d ago (Edited 3135d ago )

then this should be a great title. Not sure why Team ICO needs to look out though. No game can compare to Shadow of Colossus in both gameplay and emotional reaction. Last Guardian already looks epic.

myothercar3135d ago

or maybe people will be offended because comparing Last Guardian to it does Team Ico a disservice. This game looks so inferior in my opinion- ugly characters, lifeless environments, ho-hum editing, etc.

p.s. i see why so many people have you on ignore.

UnwanteDreamz3135d ago

From the looks of the trailer it is Game Rupblic who have been watching Team ICO.

I wouldn't let a little thing like a title on N4G keep me from a good game. We just have to see if this is indeed a good game.

Oldsnake0073135d ago

lol there is a reason why fans hype TLG.

the reasons are Ico and SotC.

lociefer3135d ago

this is the worst in ur face rip-off game i have ever seen

gaffyh3135d ago

Does look very similar to Ico though, just not as stylistic.

divideby03135d ago (Edited 3135d ago )

^ ghost....funny you call people idiots and look how you start off these comments...LMAO...cant be any more transparent....LOL

now to something relevant..folklore was good...the vid does look good...ICO no comment and I cant see how anyone would say that based upon folklore and a vid

specialguest3135d ago

Let's wait and see how many haters pop up and try to badmouth this game, just because it's a multiplatform. I happened to enjoy Game Repulic's Folklore, and this game looks cool. Quit being sensitive about the articles title (the title wasn't even that harsh). We all know Team ICO is in a league of their own, and this game can co-exist along with Team ICO's games.

menoyou3135d ago

clearly a rip off but i still am interested in it

raztad3135d ago

Color me interested.

Game Republic did an amazing job with Genji (Visuals) and Folklore (Visuals and gameplay) so early in the PS3 lifespan. Love me some Folklore, very nice game.

Majin looks like an Action game (Action-RPG perhaps?). In any case the only thing they are ripping off is the PET + guy relationship, nobody outside Team ICO knows details about the The Last Guardian gameplay.

As Game Republic are primary PS3 devels, I'm almost sure the PS3 is the leading platform for this game. Looking forward to it.

nycredude3135d ago (Edited 3135d ago )

Damn that looks fvcking ugly as shiat! What is with the freaking monster!? Did I watch the same trailer as you guys?

I own and enjoyed Folklore (underated) but this looks kind of lame.

beavis4play3135d ago (Edited 3135d ago )

i don't want to go so far as to say it's ugly - but team ico has NOTHING to worry about........"majin" looks very average.

seriously, does anyone REALLY think that looked on par with what we've seen from "last guardian"?

bpac1234567893134d ago (Edited 3134d ago )

going solely off of that trailer and the one for last the last guardian, I can safely say that Team Ico has absolutely nothing to worry about. Graphically its not even close, I think TLG also has a better artstyle (but that's just my opinion), and Team Ico is legendary. Folklore was a good game but it couldn't touch shadow of the collosus.
That aside it looks like a solid title but this site should let it stand on its own. Not trying to compare it to TLG.

exnihilonihilfit3134d ago

There's no need to bash this game jut because it's multi-platform. It looks like it would be a lot of fun, and yes was probably influenced by Team Ico's work, but they probably had it in the works before TLG was revealed. That said, though the title of this article is a bit inflammatory, don't forget that it's a PS3 site that said it, and they just put it that way because they have high hopes for the game, not because they honestly believe this will challenge TLG. Yes, there are obvious similarities, but the scale of the two games is very different. The griffin-like creature in TLG is HUGE, and the main character is a little boy, whereas this game has a teenager and a midsized troll. Those two differences alone tell me TLG is more likely to have a much greater emotional pay off, and be more of a thoughtful puzzling game. This game on the other hand will probably be more happy-go-lucky and probably just as fun, though less challenging with a greater emphasis on combat than on puzzles.


I believed i was the only one who find Genji's visual amazing. Genji was IMO one of the first games that separetes PS3 games ,visually speaking, from the 360. I also think is a really underrated game. Folklore is one of my favvorites. An amazing game overall and another underated and underapreciated game. Now that GR are doing multiplats the press are preising them...yes, the same press that didnt even respect their firsts efforts. Ironically rigth? Ohh 360 fanboys, What the hell happened with your "massive damage" hate for Games Republic?? Hipocrisy at its best.

BTW Im playing GOW3...Its the best looking game around rigth now and a Fkn good reason to buy a fanaticas if you didnt buy a PS3 to play GOW3 nothing on Earth will make you buy one. Enjoy the games you stupid fanboys.


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Saigon3135d ago

But I can say this game looks good...

gauntletpython3135d ago

Definitely looks sick. I love the Easter visual aesthetic, it's something that Game Republic just does really well.

Natsu X FairyTail3135d ago

looks really good. I like the color palette they're using.

Reminds me of Where the wild things are :D

TheHater3135d ago (Edited 3135d ago )

Is that a joke? Don't compare crap to the greatest that is Team ICO. Didn't the Failure know as Prince of Persia (last one for the ps3/360) also was compare to Team ICO work? How did that fair?

gdguide3135d ago

I bought a PS3 for Team ICOs next project, but this does look quite good as well. No doubt I will be more impacted by The Last Guardian than this blatant ripoff, but I do like what I saw there as well.

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