Capcom, Is Pushing Motorcycle Racing To New Heights - Explosive Trailer

Last week Capcom released some exciting new screenshots for you motorcycle racing junkies. MotoGP 9/10 is nearing the finish line, as it ships a week from today in North America on March 23, 2010. In honor of its release, here is a new, explosive trailer that gives fans a sense of the games' style, passion and glory! Winning is only just the beginning of the ride!

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jmmurillo863169d ago (Edited 3169d ago )

I've played the PSN demo and this is my review of the upcoming MotoGP:

It is one of the biggest pieces of sh1t I have come across this generation. Menus are shoddy (a guy screams every option you select! WTF?), graphics are horrible, handling is mediocre, and maybe the most annoying of all, the speech is disgusting. It can't even compare in polish with any recent car racing game like NFS:Shift or Dirt2, even 2007's F1:Championship Edition. In my opinion, it is a shame for the industry and an insult to the fans of motorcycling. 25/100

If you don't believe me, I dare you to play the demo.

Hotel_Moscow3168d ago

you played the demo dumbas its like playing the gran turismo 5 time trial and saying the same thing

green-cigarettes 3168d ago

Well...the demo was a piece of sh*t and even though one could say that "is was just a demo", the final product cant be very different. And yeah, this game is a disgrace to the racing genre.
PS: If you actually decide to play the demo/game just put it on mute.

Hotel_Moscow3168d ago

gran turismo demo gran turismo final product jeez there is no way there can be major graphical changes in style after a period between showing and final product i guess ill just classify it as bad and keep it moving