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Greywulf3112d ago

Uhm.. what... do we call this one?

AngryFork3112d ago

Just delay it until PSP2 comes out with dual analog, then port it so the game can be playable without your fingers playing Twister.

I'll still rage though because this game looks fun as hell and back to MGS roots.

kingme713112d ago

I didn't even know it had an initial release date.

Xplayer20313112d ago

Yeah I think it was suppose to come out sometime in may.

foxtheory3112d ago

Hopefully it's for the better. Delays for polishing are smart, and with a big title like this, I'm sure Kojima and his men are making it as good as it possibly can get. It just takes time I guess.

foxxy3112d ago

Kojima knows what he is doing they dont call him a pro for no reason.

truehunter3112d ago

Delay for Green Bundle ... Stay in the game.