GayGamer: God of War III Review

GayGamer writes: "The third time is the charm, as the saying goes, and God of War III certainly lives up to that old adage. Now don't get me wrong, I loved the first two of the series. They created a new kind of action fighter genre that has often been copied but not yet matched. And I will have to at least partially agree with some of the folks out there who feel this is just God of War all over again, only this time in HD. The fighting style is the same and the buttons pressing fits your hand like an old, comfortable shoe. However, what the dev team has done with the advanced technology and graphic power of the PS3 takes this, the final chapter of the Kratos trilogy, something that simply begs to be experienced."

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3135d ago
dkgshiz3135d ago

When its coming from a place called gay gamer. Honestly, these people really should reconsider there website name.

callahan093135d ago

Are you kidding? Is that a serious comment? It's part of a web network of blogs and forums for gays and lesbians that are into gaming, comics, and technology, etc. I don't see what the problem is.

TyroneJones3135d ago

This society is horrible.A 4 year old boy grows up watching TV/commercials showing that being gay is normal.

Then that young boy grows up thinking its okay to have sex with other men because society of society


callahan093135d ago (Edited 3135d ago )

Seriously? Are you kidding, too? All I can say is that discrimination against gays is no better than any other kind of discrimination.

PirateThom3135d ago

I disagree with it in the same way I disagree with any sort of "defined" site.

Sexual orientation shouldn't be your draw for game reviews, same as race or sex.

But this isn't about "Gay Gamer" it's about "God of War III"

Cerberus21253135d ago

TyroneJones is that your story?

So.I found nothing wrong with the Article,whats the problem?.if this had come from a site call Grand Hombres,or muchos Machos,or manly man not one of this homophobic would have a problem with this review.

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artsaber3135d ago

I have nothing against it, whatever floats people's boats I suppose.

@dkgshiz... would RainbowGamerz be better? Just saying. Gay could mean "happy"... ok, I tried.


''GalleryGamer's ClosetGay Gamer of the Week
Top 20 Gayest Characters''

What a joke. But still, some people take this serious.

TyroneJones3135d ago

encouraging youths to be gay is just as bad...

drdistracto7073135d ago

Are you in there Rush Limbaugh, i can hear you!

are you still on a mission to spread hate?

Kakihara3135d ago

You think encouragement could turn a heterosexual person into a homosexual? You might want to re-examine your sexuality. Seriously, you have to wonder about people who think hearing about the mere existence of homosexual people (as anything other than an evil abomination) will turn us all homosexual.

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