CliffyB: 'Natal's Going To Be Very Big'

NowGamer: Epic producer Cliff Blezinski has talked about what he wants to see from motion control titles, and why Natal has the edge

"The ones I personally like the most are the ones that are Natal-like, that I don't have to have yet another plastic controller cluttering up my coffee table. Just fire it up, and do very, very cool movements with interesting results..."

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Fishy Fingers3195d ago

Make any Natal support optional please Epic.

RealityCheck3195d ago

Definitely agree with that, choices are good.

BeaArthur3195d ago

Make it unanimous. Both the Move and Natal should be optional for all major titles. If they want to put some crappy firmware with it that is fine but I am not going to be playing any shooters, actions games, RPG's or any other genre that requires me to swing my arms around or dance in front of my TV.

kingme713195d ago

Making Natal or Move required for any game other then games they are specifically built for that use motion (mini games, sports mini games, etc) is going to be tough for publishers to justify financially. With a Wii, everyone owns a Wiimote, not so for Sony or MS and their respective motion devices. You lose a huge percentage of potential customers by forcing them to buy the motion systems. I see Sony and MS putting out the bulk of their motion games and 3rd parties only adding it to games, not relying on it.

Eamon3195d ago

for some reason...
*imagines chainsaw-gun peripheral combined with Natal*

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green3195d ago (Edited 3195d ago )

That could be a neat concept if integrated well.

For me, when i think of Natal hybrid games, i imagine games like Mass Effect 3 wereby you play the game normally with the controller, then use hand gesture for the other powers not mapped onto your pad in order for action sequences to be streamlined, without pausing the game with the LB. The pausing of the game to use your other abilities really slows down the game IMO and Natal could help streamline the experience.

Also fps games using hand signals to throw grenades, positon troopes and melee. Even the left humbstick can be made redundant and all you do to aim is to point your controller and then fire, leaving your left hand free to maybe do some other cool stuff in the game.

IMO, Natal combo with the standard controller could be a very powerfull combination if utilized correctly and thats what makes Natal exciting for me. Just got to wait and see if the devs can deliver.

Carl14123195d ago

But wait...

i thought they whole idea was that "controllers are no longer needed" and "A controller is a barrier to entry to gaming" etc etc...surely if they do that, they they've completely changed their mind about what Natal is since last E3?

green3195d ago (Edited 3195d ago )

There seems to be a lot of misinformation or should i say, ignorance concerning Natal because right from the day Natal was introduced to the public at E3 last year, Microsoft stated that there will be games that utilize both natal and the controller called "hybrids"

"I think we’ve got the best thumb-based controller ever created,” Mattrick told Edge. “We’re not going to take anything away. There will be controller-based games. What we’re really doing is adding to our platform; when I think about Natal, I think of it like a Guitar Hero controller—it fits the experience better. There will still be games that use the controller, games that use only Natal, and games that use a combination."

“Think, you could be playing a game with a controller and have your character react when you instinctively duck out of the way of an explosion, or the ability to throw a grenade with a gesture. I don’t think of Natal as taking anything away, I see it as adding more.

As you can see, the article goes as far back as 4th of june 09.

EDIT: Here is another quote from Alex Kipman who is Natals project director

"We'll have games that are specifically designed to work only with Natal - not just arcadey games, but real, hardcore, triple-A titles," Kipman enthused.

"Then you'll have some games that are essentially a hybrid - games that work both with the controller and with Natal.

"Why is that interesting? Think about a first-person shooter where I'm using the controller but I'm doing facial tracking by just moving around and looking round corners."

GiantEnemyCrab3195d ago

Agreed. Myself and the others I game with are the least excited about motion control in gaming. They are more interested in creative ways to extend the game beyond the conventional contoller while still using it like we do now.

kingme713195d ago (Edited 3195d ago )

I still think any developer not named Sony or MS (or paid by them) that forces you to use Natal or Move in their game and doesn't give you the option to go back to the traditional controller is committing financial suicide. You just cut your customer base not only in half by using Natal (PS3 is excluded), but you cut out a huge percentage of 360 owners that don't own Natal. Let's say best case scenario, 1/2 of all 360 owners get Natal (that even sound generous). You just cut your customer base in half again. Why would any publisher do this if Sony or MS wasn't paying them to do it? Just because it is neat? Sorry, neat doesn't pay the bills.

If I had to guess, Natal and Move will be used as options and all their interactions can be replaced with the traditional controller in 3rd party games. Either that or sections of the game will be "natal only" if the publisher was willing to commit money to add more content.

Eamon3195d ago (Edited 3195d ago )

green, I completely agree with you

Hybrid is the way forward. Motion should never replace the controller completely. Fable III is probably going to be the first hybrid game. Using your controller for basic control and combat but for the interaction gameplay, Natal is used.

I'm not so interested in complete motion gameplay after the experiencing it's crap-ness from the Wii.

JokesOnYou3195d ago (Edited 3195d ago )

I've pointed out the same thing many times to ps3 folks since Natals E3 showcase, but for some weird reason they conveniently keep overlooking the fact that micro has purposely gone on record several times stating that Natal will be very versatile for games/devs; some games will be built from the ground up only for Natal motion controls OR some games will use both Natal and 360's standard controller for other games, whichever makes sense for the gameplay/dev. I guess they just keep accidentally missing that info, I'm not sure how that happens so often because they seem very much interested in Natal.


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Model3195d ago

Someone should stop talking out of his ass

2FootYard3195d ago

Jesus Crust, I hope this piece of crap doesn't get very big.

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