Splinter Cell Conviction Demo Sneaks Onto Live March 18th

XXLGaming writes, "Today Ubisoft released the upcoming Splinter Cell Conviction demo details and when to expect the demo. They also released 5 new screenshots as well."

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Tompkins2923d ago

This story has been posted here about three times already.

rwallace2923d ago

Wasn't there when I searched and put it up for approval.

rwallace2923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

Not one of those had the new screenshots included, and only one included some details from the press release that was released today, which is what I posted. Obviously others thought it was a unique story or else it wouldn't have gotten approved.

And I hope you are not implying that I approved my own posting. Thats ridiculous and why anyone would do that is beyond me.

BreakNeckSpeed2923d ago

You should of used this for the article picture -

Sams pretty badass xD

joydestroy2923d ago

^wow that's a nice screen shot right there :D

jakethemuss2923d ago

Shot 1 and 3 look real good. The other seem of lesser quality. May just be me. :D

HolyOrangeCows2923d ago

Or March 25th if you're one of us peon silver users.

DMason2923d ago

Dude, just because yours includes a couple extra screen shots, doesnt make it new. Thats like saying a piece of poo isnt a piece of poo just because you threw some glitter on it.

These stories were approved first:

Ignorance is bliss.

Bricks2923d ago

You've submitted a story thats been on N4G a dozen times already! Good job!

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jjesso19932923d ago

same article that been posted about 100 times all want to know if theres one coming for pc.

Aphe2923d ago

Yeah that's what I want to know. Although it either will be delayed or not turn up at all.

DelbertGrady2923d ago

Can't wait to try this beast out! It looks phenomenal!

Lord Vader2923d ago

Hell yea - cant wait !!!

WildArmed2923d ago

Can't wait.. 1 day after my b'day SC demo.
1 day before.. GoW3..
wow I'm a happy camper