Activision "Never Seemed To Show Any Interest" In TSL

IncGamers reports that, according to The Silver Lining team, Activision didn't attempt to find out much more than "basic information" and "never seemed to show any interest" in the King's Quest fangame before closing it down with a C&D late last month.

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Leord3046d ago

They are probably not even interested in potential losses.

It's all just about bored copyright lawyers who need to earn their keep, by closing down "competition"


Dorjan3046d ago

Ups and downs... mostly downs for TSL...

AndyA3046d ago

Not surprising, really. Activision hasn't exactly been endearing itself to anyone this year.

nouman19893046d ago

thats news! They actually never showed any interest in modern warfare 2 as well

Baka-akaB3046d ago

Dont worry , activision will manage to make it a bunch of party minigames for wii , natal and move . And then you will all see they didnt forsake king's quest .