The Armchair Empire: God of War III Review

The Armchair Empire writes: "I didn't see mention of this elsewhere but I encountered several game-stopping bugs. In these instances I could still control Kratos and the music kept playing but whatever arena I was wouldn't unlock or the platform wouldn't start moving again. "Restart from last checkpoint" solved most of these problems but there was one spot in particular -- riding on a series of boxes inside a giant mechanical device -- it happened a few times. The game's not riddled with bugs but having to replay some tough fights because something didn't "click" is deeply annoying."

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TyroneJones3196d ago

Out of all the 10/10's GOW3 has recieved, metacritic picks this review?

What is going on?

mightydog013196d ago

because they just pick the low scores so it knocks the ratings down simple.......They are rotten to the core like most sites......

TyroneJones3196d ago

Why are sites biased? What did Sony do so wrong?

kaelix3196d ago

cause of last gen for being successful and expect less from xbox360 cause it failed last gen