Snow Villiers Will Now Take Your Questions writes, "Only the other day did we announce our interview with Ali Hillis, the voice of Lightning in Final Fantasy XIII. We've also now secured an interview with the voice of Snow Villiers, Troy Baker, and once again taking fan, listener, and reader questions in for this interview!"

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ShawnCollier2924d ago

Oh wow, nice. I'll be sure to submit something. ;)

mephman2924d ago

Maybe we should ask what it was like to say the word "Hero" 50 billion times in one job.

Selyah2924d ago

pft he doesn't say that often :P

ShawnCollier2924d ago

From what I heard that got quite annoying.

heroicjanitor2924d ago

Especially at the start he had a refreshing attitude to lightning and hope's emo fest

theusedfake2924d ago

I'm with you, Snow is definitely my favorite
in this one. I wasn't sure about the voice from
the trailer, but after playing the game I'm all for
it. He did a great job.

97gsx2924d ago

Snow do you have a lolicon fetish?

Timesplitter142924d ago

I liked Sahz because he was a big surprise. Everyone expected him to be the funny/comic relief guy but he turns out to be something COMPLETELY different.

IrishAssa2923d ago

I liked sazh for the same reason and Lighning cause she's a B***h, Hope got ok after a while, Hate snow and his crew of f**s. lik watching baywatch when they're around. piece of S game though

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mephman2924d ago

Certainly is, there's plenty people can ask him.

Hardedge2924d ago

Get him to yell out Steelguard for me aye? :P

jammers2924d ago

Snow, eh? Sweet. I'll be sure to think up something to ask.

theusedfake2924d ago

Ask him to say "it's just like one of my
japanese animes!" lol, couldn't help it ;)

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