411mania: Aliens vs. Predator (PS3) Review

411mania writes: "I never had the pleasure of owning a Jaguar; few did. Is pleasure the right word to use there? Yeah, let's go with pleasure. Despite not owning a Jaguar, one of my favorite things that I would do as a little kid would be to go down to the local Media Play and play games on their ginormous entertainment hub. They had a giant wall of TV's; kind of like something you would see in movies like Blank Check. I remember very vividly the first time I went there and saw Aliens vs. Predator for the first time. It was 1994 and I'm not sure what blew my mind more: the Jaguar controller and its 38 buttons or the game itself. I had never seen anything quite like Rebellion's Alien vs. Predator before in my life. The graphics were far superior to anything that I'd ever seen on the console, and the fact that you could play as an Alien, Predator or Marine was just badass."

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