Why a Premium Service for Playstation Network is a Bad Idea

NextGN writes: "Ever since Sony introduced online gaming to the PS2 way back in 2002 with it's online gaming adaptor, one of Sony's biggest selling points has been that online has always been free. In the ever-raging fanboy war, Sony supporters have always had the word "free" as ammunition against Xbox users, and anytime a debate surfaced over which company's service was better, PlayStation users could always say that their online gaming is free.

Now all of that is in jeopardy with Sony contemplating the introduction of a paid subscription service."

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Godmars2903192d ago

If Sony offers "free" access to Netflix streaming and monthly rental limits to PSN, HD access to Youtube and Hulu, a few other streaming and music channels, that would be more than a good start to a subscription service.

It would certainly mute complaints from XBL defenders. Not that they wont raise hell, call it a "win," about cross-game chat being apart of it too.

WildArmed3191d ago

I'm more curious to see if it's by per ps3 or per account.

If you can just activate the premium service on the ps3, i'm in.
Otherwise, I dont plan on buying premium service for the 4 gamers in my family.
But still, I'm very interested to see what Sony has to offer.

There is really nothing to lose if i can still play online for free

vhero3191d ago

I really hope we get a premium service where I can upload my protected saves to a cloud storage area. So if my PS3 ever dies or I need to switch my HDD I can just re-download the game saves. I would really pay for the convenience and piece of mind if my PS3 ever dies I can rest knowing my saves are safe. Forget trophys I don't care what people think of me I want my saves stored safely.

Jihad3189d ago

It's a bad idea to even suggest a premium service but for me it could be worth it with enough features.

unrealgamer583192d ago

Thats a good idea, But next gn doesn't speak common sense.

NotSoSilentBob3192d ago

This whole article fails.
"The Cloud storage feature is essentially useless if you have a thumb drive,"
That is a lie flat out. He doesn't speak of Copy Protected saves, if the cloud storage allowed cps(Copy Protected Saves) that would make thumb drives obsolete.
"Not to mention the fact that Sony will no longer be able to use free online as a selling point for their console."
Wrong again, because you can still PLAY ONLINE for free so that is a selling point over the 360 where you HAVE TO PAY TO PLAY.

Joni-Ice3192d ago

The way I see it, if Sony comes out with a premium service however keeps the current service free then I can have a choice to which. If the premium service is not really offering anything good then I can always keep free service. Lots of GOOD options in this premium service is key for me to which.