Why Isn't Sony Bringing E3 07 Coverage to PS3 like Microsoft?

In a move that may baffle many, Sony has yet to announce any plans for the PS3 for E3 compared to what Microsoft has for the Xbox 360 to bring E3 home.

So now the question comes up, with Microsoft getting ready to do it all over again for the second year in a row, where is the Sony announcement of E3 content?

With the PlayStation Network and the PlayStation Store yet to really pick up a lot of steam this could be a great opportunity for Sony to show that they have what it takes to have an always-evolving and updating network which can compete and beat the Xbox 360.

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drtysouf213857d ago (Edited 3857d ago )

something like this should head over to the Playstation.Blog and let them know.

I'd like to see HD footage. I'll be watching E3 07 Live on G4tv for most of my coverage though.

InMyOpinion3857d ago

Who wouldn't want something like that? It rocks. I hope they have something similar.

FreeMonk3857d ago

With E3 being a trade event early, and with this year being tighter ans smaller than ever, the only way to gain access to a consoles demo's and HD trailers is over Live! or the PS3 network.

MS did extremly well last year with this feature with demo's of Lost Planet and Test Drive, and trailers of Lost Oddysee, Banjo, Assassin's Creed etc.

If it is indeed true, and Sony have not got anything in place like MS have, they need to sort something out now, because at the end of the day it's public that will be buying there games, not the press who attend E3, and a demo or trailer of a game can potential sell more copies when it gets released due just to that that trailer or demo.

SDS Gamerfiend3857d ago

Well lets see you play the demos too! I`ll be playing them on my XBOX 360! It`s a good time to be a 360 owner! Is anybody with me?

drtysouf213857d ago

I own all 3 consoles so i'll be playing demos too.

n4gbrane3857d ago

i believe this has been commented on before, but Sony has no control over demos from third parties. either the third party turns one over as a means to help sell their product or they don't. In the short run it sounds like many third party games are created first for the 360 and then ported over which means it is much more likely that from the beginning they would be building demos for the native piece of hardware... Of course Sony controls it's own first party titles and demos from RFOM and Motorstorm, ridgracer etc... show that they are willing to put them out there... (MLB07 is a noted exception but considering it's simply a port of a ps2 game I wouldn't have used it as a demo either)---

Omegasyde3857d ago

E3 coverage will be on youtube the next day... Streaming? I don't think Sony is ready for that on PSN. MS has done a awesome job.

It would really be awesome if they streamed the Killzone 2 show.

THX71683857d ago

Schweet! I have that same HDTV. I have the 58" and it is gorgeous. I purchased a different stand though. The store that I bought the TV from didn't have the original stand in stock. I love that it has two HDMI inputs. One for my cable box and the other to switch off between my PS3 and my 360.

gaffyh3857d ago (Edited 3857d ago )

Although I would expect Sony to do this, a lot of people don't know much about their consoles and so don't really know much about E3.

Proof here - http://forums.gametrailers....

But I suspect everyone who really cares about E3 will be watching live streams and trailers on the internet anyway. Most likely PSN will get a lot of Trailers/Demos during E3 (it got a trailer from Ubidays 07), but you never know Sony they always seem to shoot themselves in the foot.

SDS Gamerfiend3857d ago (Edited 3857d ago )

All you do is look for bad news on the 360 all day long! you also trash the living hell out of it so why oh why do you even have a 360?!

@below, you are the lamest! I don`t have more than one account! Don`t hate cuz people don`t see eye to eye with ur drama. U are biased when it comes to the 360! That`s why in ur pic it shows home and you have the ps3 first! When you know damn well that you play the 360 more cuz that`s where the games are LOL! Like I said b4, why do you even have a 360?! Thanks for helping to make it the #1 selling next gen system by the way LOL!!! And if I had more accounts like you say, then don`t you think that ur bubbles would be gone by now?! DUH!

drtysouf213857d ago (Edited 3857d ago )

and if you counted all my negative and positive stories for both 360 and PS3 they are about even. So once again you should keep your mouth shut unless your speaking facts. Prove me wrong.

LOL i like how you use your multiple N4G accounts to try to disagree with me and agree with yourself. If i'm wrong someone step up and show me! Until then i'm right!

Edit2: lol Your a funny guy! Here's a bubble for you. I could careless how many agree or disagree's i get. If ignorant fanboys want to agree with you then more power to them. You still sit their talking but you ain't proved me wrong. Let me make it clear for you....SHOW ME IN ANY OF MY 584 COMMENTS WHERE I'VE TRASHED THE 360. AND COUNT ALL 172 OF MY STORIES AND GIVE ME THE EXACT NUMBER RATIO OF POSITIVE TO NEGATIVE PS3 & 360 STORIES. Thats not even counting what i have tipped. i've already done it and you'll be surprised at what you find. I like how you avoid doing it. Man up and admit your wrong! I've never lied on here i've always stated PS3 is my favorite look at my profile but i also love my 360 and the Wii thats why i'm an intelligent gamer and your a ignorant fanboy and thats what separates us so i don't expect you to understand.

PS i'm not gonna dispute this with you anymore i have better things to do and i feel like i'm getting less intelligent by trying to conversate with someone on such a lower level. So you enjoy your 360 and continue bashing the PS3 because your afraid of whats about to happen in this console war and i'll continue to enjoy playing all 3 of my consoles and enjoying what i receive because of this so called war.

dantesparda3857d ago

Well said drtysouf21! that SDS guy is just a douchebag and a pathetic a$$ fanboy, fvck him

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Amplifier3857d ago (Edited 3857d ago )

I rather enjoy getting MOST of the content off the websites however I don't think Sony is going to be idle when it comes to demos, yet they can prove me wrong.


Well...No cable or satellite, so that's out...allows me more time and money towards other hobbies

Why do people just come into this article and just start disagreeing with people stating an obivous opinion, do they really have nothing better to do in life?

drtysouf213857d ago

you should check out E3 07 live on G4tv. They have 15 hours of coverage and it'll all be on my tivo!

aiphanes3857d ago

I agree they have some question like this asked over at the i would like to see exlusive HD videos of all the Sony E3 stuff on the PSN network.

sjappie3857d ago

"It should be interesting to see if the PS3 gets the same demos as the Xbox 360 and which console can get them available first over their respective networks whether it be Xbox Live or the PlayStation Network".

Well, we all know the answer to that one.

prayforjoejoe3857d ago

As much as I hate their site, use Gamespot, they will have all three press conferences and live coverage everyday.

InMyOpinion3857d ago

IGN Insider is also very good during big events like E3. Updated frequently and in my opinion not as messy info design as Gamespot (even though they hav gotten better).