Gamers Still Line Up to Get Their Wiis

More than 100 hopeful Wii owners came from as far as New Jersey - some as early as 6 a.m. with kids and grandparents in tow - to get their hands on the gaming console best known for its wireless, motion-sensitive controller.

It's been more than seven months since Nintendo launched the Wii, but the consoles are selling so well that supply still hasn't caught up with demand. You can get one, sure, but be prepared to call around and arrive promptly when the shipments do.

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PS360WII4009d ago

Well least we know people really like a packed-in game. I'm sure the next round of consoles we'll be seeing a packin for each... well not sure but hopefully ^^

Dlacy13g4009d ago

I may not like the console itself but they definitely have been smart about the way they are marketing, etc....

Dlacy13g4009d ago

but me personally....I would never line up for any console...Especially the under powered Wii. I love my gaming...but not to the point of having to wait in any kind of line to pick up a new console. Sorry there are better things I can do with my time than wait in a line.

Syko4009d ago

For my 360 I waited 17 hours. Got it to keep and play.

The PS3 I waited 43 hours. Got it to sell on E-bay.

The Wii I waited 15 minutes. Got it to keep and play, But should have sold it on ebay.

Funny when you think about it. I waited forever for a system that is now hard to give away. A while to get my 360 and now the holy grail of systems the Wii, I only waited 15 minutes before they opened. Weird..

The Real Joker4009d ago (Edited 4009d ago )

I sorry that it is beneath you and your precious time to wait in line. There are lots of people that enjoy the anticipation and experience of waiting in line. Do you have to have the console delivered or maybe one of your servants can go get it for you?

Dlacy13g4009d ago

don't get your panties all in a bunch. I get some people get all excited and enjoy the waiting in line thing. Me...not so much, thats all I was saying. I got my 360 day one...I pre-ordered it...walked it and game on. No need to wait in line, etc.

I just don't relish the thought of sitting round for hours on end in line. If you digg that then more power to you....I suggest you check out the DMV lines in the US, there are plenty of them....and they are always long so you can feed that need to stand around doing nothing.

Kokoro4009d ago

if they would be more available; that they would be as hyped? I mean how much do they manufacture in a month? It has been seven months Nintendo, not 3.

hfaze4009d ago

This is flat-out unbelievable. The thing I'm curious on is what their software attach rate is like...

Are people actually buying games for it, or just getting it to play Wii Sports?

It would be interesting if Nintendo could pull some stats on that, and find out what game/games people are playing the most.

Hard to believe that some last-gen technology is kicking the crap out of the truly next-gen systems...

Dlacy13g4009d ago

the attach rate is pretty low. Especially with 3rd party titles. The number for attach rate is skewed off the bat due to the inclusion of Wii Sports with the console. Somehow, someway nobody seems to not count this game when looking at software sales. I constantly see it listed as one of the top software titles. Anyway, from everything I have read the Nintendo 1st party stuff has a decent attach rate but nothing else.

Funky Town_TX4009d ago

Dev will sit around and look for an attach rate increase. Can the Wii be selling because of the limited stock. Every store I go to always advertise it as limited qty when they get a new shipment.

Syko4009d ago

Zelda is better (Gameplay Wise) than anything on 360 or PS3. Hands down. If you think otherwise you haven't played it through. It was an amazing experience. To bad it is the ONLY good experience on the Wii. Even with a Wiikey this thing has nothing worth playing. I try a bunch of games but none worth buying IMO.

Marceles4009d ago

Zelda and RE4 are the 2 good titles on the Wii. If Super Paper Mario didn't have a million hours of talking in it, I would include that too...and I really think alot of people are buying it for the free copy of Wii Sports. It's a decent game bundled in that gives a good demo to the controller and I think alot of people are just happy with only playing that with friends

Leon Kennedy4009d ago (Edited 4009d ago )

Couldn't have said it better Marceles. Zelda and RE4 both rock. They're both very addictive. I tried RE4 on gamecube and I just didn't get into it. The new aiming system makes things almost too easy. And Paper Mario - MY GOSH! I just wanted to play it but... man. During the cutscenes, I finally found myself hitting the A button repeatedly. Good gameplay, but it was kinda spoiled by the needless chatting.

ITR4009d ago (Edited 4009d ago )

The attach rate is 3.5 to 3.7 at Target.
Attach rate for accessories are 4-5 at Target.

I very seldom sold a Wii without a game with it..not to mention extra controllers and wii point cards.

Usually the folks that bought it without a game..bought the games 1-2 weeks prior to buying the console.

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Funky Town_TX4009d ago

While Sony and M$ gamers sit are argue about power Nintendo gamers are buying consoles. We could all learn a lot from them. Their shut up a games attitude is very good. I only plan on buying a Wii for someone as a gift, but at the same time I want to try out Wii sports. Remember that the console with the weakest spec sheet wins console races. The bad think is that Nintendo gamers are not buying games.

WANDA4009d ago

i've said this before.

sony and microsoft got penis envy for eachother.
comparing and whatever

nintendo just doesn't care.
they know they can't compete on the same level.
so they just make games about stick figures bowling
and BOOOOOOOOOOOM, the industry skyrockets.

ItsDubC4009d ago (Edited 4009d ago )

You bring up a good point. Higher tech specs and success never had a correlation in the console industry.

360 and PS3 fans are so obsessed w/ their console's specs and arguing over which is better, that so many have become fanboys and trolls. Wii fans just laugh at them.

I mean, take this site for example. You'll very rarely see a Wii fan comment on a news story that negatively depicts the PS3 or 360, but news stories that negatively depict the Wii are wrought w/ trolls from both the 360 and PS3 camps. It's as if the negativity emanating from PS3/360 flamewars is polluting the rest of the site.

Most Wii fans can admit that their system lacks some good games right now but say the same thing to PS3 fans, and many act like you just made fun of their grandmother. Same goes w/ 360 fans when you bring up failure rates. Are Wii fans in general just more mature? Sure, the Wii will have more casual gamers but perhaps that's why the Wii's attach rate is lower - Wii owners do other things besides just playing games.

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