$1,000,000 Reward for Reporting Piracy

The Business Software Alliance (BSA) has temporarily raised the reward that's part of controversial program encouraging people to report software piracy from $200,000 to $1 million, the trade group announced Monday.

The BSA, representing large software vendors such as Microsoft, Apple, and IBM, will pay the sum for accurate reports of software copyright infringement between now and Oct. 2, the trade group said. There are some restrictions on the reward payment

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Syko3944d ago

"The meek shall inherit the earth"

WANDA3944d ago

when the law doesn't work, get people to screw eachother over to protect your financial interests!
money before honor!!!

sick nasty bad no good

TaylorB3944d ago

I don't think their intention is to catch Joe Bob, the blue collar working man who downloads the newest CD, but rather individuals like the one caught in SoCal a few weeks ago. The pirates who are selling pre-loaded harddrives, modded xboxes, pirated software etc, for money. Obviously they'd love to stop those freely distributing ripped CDs etc, but there is nothing noble about selling pirated software.

CompGeek3944d ago

Selling a modded xbox is not a crime. Im as against piracy as the next person, but I'm an even bigger supporter of our rights. The government does not, can not and shall not ever have the power to tell us we can't sell things that could be used for / result in piracy.

Tsalagi3943d ago

Snitches get found in ditches.

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