GameZone: Perfect Dark Review

GameZone's Steven Hopper writes,

"Perfect Dark isn't a huge overhaul like other remakes on XBLA, but is still a solid and engaging title. FPS fans who missed out on the original would do well to check out this groundbreaking title, and hardcore fans should experience the game with the technical improvements."

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athmaus3166d ago

i always liked this game...

ape0073166d ago

to play it

ahhhh just 12 hours

Caspel3166d ago

I pray that this sells well so Microsoft can regain confidence with the franchise and revive it for a sequel.

ape0073166d ago

agreed 100% and I think the game gonna sell crazy and played regularly on xbox live

athmaus3166d ago

i agree!!!

Biggest wishlist for epsiode three is the ablity to JUMP!

Godmars2903166d ago

It doesn't tell you something that they only did this after they couldn't get Goldeneye? If anything, Rare should take this step back in re-doing one of their classics to make a new squeal, but shouldn't they have already done that with PDZ?

multipayer3166d ago (Edited 3166d ago )

Perfect Dark Zero actually got great reviews, and sold well... The multiplayer was pretty amazing for Xbox Live. None of that getting through? Well, I'm eagerly awaiting this remake of PD, that not only had a great multiplayer, but GREAT single player.(and coop!)

It really should be getting better than an 8/10 by sheer comparison of what else you can get in the 800 point range. Can't even buy a crappy map pack for MW2 for less than 1200.

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Darren_y23166d ago

I never played the original, but played a bit of Dark I just hope it's far better than that piece of trash.

edgeofblade3166d ago

You mean Zero? Yes, I was pumped for PDZ when the 360 was just coming out because I was such a fan of the original. I had to rationally talk myself down when it turned out.... well.... just plain bad.

-MD-3166d ago (Edited 3166d ago )

People that didn't like PDZ were bad at it.

This was confirmed years ago.

The BS Police3166d ago

PDZ is best forgotten and ignored, it never happened.

-MD-3166d ago

Still the most fun I've ever had on an online video game.

Caspel3166d ago

I enjoyed the multiplayer of PDZ too. the single-player and art style threw me off though.

Bathyj3165d ago

Thats matter of taste Murderdolls. I think PDZ sucked big hairy ones, and I dont think I'm bad at FPS's by any means.

I'm pretty sure its widely accepted that Rare lost their magic after certain staff left, including the founders who left when M$ bought them.

Cant wait to get my hands back on a Laptop Gun. Theres something so cool about backing yourself up thats indescribable.

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