Tomb Raider Animated Series "ReVisioned" voiced by Minnie Driver

Lara Croft might make you think of Angelina Jolie in terms of acting. But as of now, Minnie Driver will be the voice of the posh adventurer, for the animated series of the heroine to celebrate her 10th anniversary.

Available through download via Gametap's service, their will be 10 episodes in total, and you will be able to "Raid" all episodes, starting on July 10th.

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roneberg4030d ago

Hot babe... what more can i say! 8)

Kokoro4030d ago

As a really posh English accent and can act. She'll be good for this role. And yes she is hot.

Syko4030d ago

She's hot and a great actress. My favorite show (Besides Heroes of course) was The Riches on FX. This show is amazing and she is brilliant in the show. Should be a good choice for the voice over.

PS360WII4030d ago

Yea The Riches is a great show. I can't wait for the next season!

Funny little triva that probably not to many caught. Bond - GoldenEye Minnie Driver was the Russian guys girlfriend (horribly) singing 'Stand By Your Man'

MK_Red4030d ago

Hopefully the TV series is worthy and helps new Tomb Raider games not hurt them.