God of War III – Trophy Guide: PlayStation LifeStyle

PSLS writes:

Want to get every trophy in God of War III? Use our God of War III Trophy Guide, complete with treasure locations, tips to complete the Challenges of Olympus, and so much more...

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Scolar Visari3196d ago

Gonna get this game very, very soon. Can`t wait to beat it, then read the trophy guide and get all the trophies. :)

DoucheVader3196d ago

I got 1300 Hit Combo so far and I stopped it :)

user94220773196d ago

lol @ PIC! I can't wait till the game arrives. In the end, there will only be trophies.

Scolar Visari3196d ago

Yeah, that picture is pretty neat. xD

doctorstrange3196d ago

This game can't come soon enough

DoucheVader3196d ago

I found that pic! It was perfect for the Trophy Guide. Technically it's a chalice!

T3mpr1x3196d ago

Hah and here I thought you had expertly Photoshopped/GIMP'd it.

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