Which is More Lame: Sony Motion Controller Design or the Warning Siren in Bad Company 2?

Today's gamer question is a tough one, one that can be debated until the end of time and even then a clear answer may not be attained.

Which is more lame?

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Homicide3194d ago

Sony Motion Controller Design

-Alpha3194d ago (Edited 3194d ago )

The giant ball does look distracting and does stick out but it's necessary for the precision motion. Sex jokes aside it serves a purpose... for gaming (I said sex jokes aside, dammit!)

Now, the sirens in Bad Company 2 are completely unnecessary and annoying as hell. Conquest mode is totally broken anyway. Capturing flags has no point and all the stupid COD fans bunch up there to rack up kills. Fix Conquest and fix the damn horn, DICE!

Anyways, this "article" is pretty lame too.

ChozenWoan3194d ago

How about the IQ test needed to post gaming news on the net.

Looks at clock... yep elementary school is out. Let the console wars resume.

thorstein3194d ago

Natal. SInce we are getting to flamebait articles.

borgome3194d ago

Definitely the but plug motion controller.

Redlogic3194d ago

they should change the name of this website to N4F...News 4 Flamers...these articles getting approved are horrendous.

NeutralGamer3194d ago

Its N4F = News 4 Fanboys :D

ivant3194d ago (Edited 3194d ago )

And most of them are against Sony & the Ps3.

So much for the belief that N4G is a haven for Ps3 fanboyz. Most likely xfanboyz.

Oops. There goes a bubble.

djmindz3194d ago (Edited 3194d ago )

your dad sperm is lame you were born lame with a lame disease you live in a lame house in a lame country you have a lame life and everything looks lame to you so you go out and make a lame blog and i will reply with a lame answer

have a lame day ;) lamer

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