Dream Collaborations: The Best Racing Game Never Made

Jason Evangelho writes:

"Racing games take many delicious forms. Whether it's the white-knuckled intensity of a night drive in Tokyo (Project Gotham Racing), the over-the-top enjoyment of Burnout Paradise, or the pure realism provided by sims like Gran Turismo, racing games - when done right - have a way of capturing our attention and making our heart race with adrenalin.

Welcome to a new feature called Dream Collaborations, where we create the perfect game - with our imagination anyway - using the strengths and signature specialties of developers worldwide.

For our first edition, we dream about the perfect racing game with contributions from Codemasters, Nintendo and...Infinity Ward?"

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shadowdancer3196d ago

LOL @ "rubber band theory." Surprised there weren't any old school ones like Daytona tho.

killyourfm3196d ago

Thought about it, but they honestly haven't aged well....I like the idea of a Daytona style soundtrack though!

reluctant_gamer3195d ago

I just showed this to a friend and they asked why Speed Racer wasn't on the list O_O

reluctant_gamer3196d ago

Instead of Jonahton Coulton doing the theme song, I think SEGA should do it. "Day-ee-Ton-uhhh!"