Halo 3 Interview: CVG chat with Frank O'Connor

What will Bungie change after it's done crunching the massive amount of information collected from the multiplayer test?

There's not too long to go in the grand scheme of things before all work on Halo 3 comes to an end. The game goes on sale September 26 sharp and there are whispers that the studio is gearing up for some sort of single player reveal in the coming weeks. Whether that turns out to be something special at E3 or something on the side, we'll just have to wait and see.

First things first though - how did the Beta perform from Bungie's point of view? Read on for an exclusive interview with writing lead Frank O'Connor about how the info gathered from the Beta will be used to make Halo 3 a better game.

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Rhezin4010d ago

Needler underpowered??! what dumbass said that!

deepio4010d ago

Agreed, the Needler is actually a useful weapon now!

Is it just me or was that interview a little short? Maybe i'm just craving halo 3 info...