Sony: Bright Light, Wii Similarities Won't Deep-Six PlayStation Move

Kotaku: Sony's new PlayStation Move controller made headlines last week as it added Wii-like controls to the PlayStation 3. But a key difference in the tech, one lauded by Sony, could hurt the device. So could a lack of innovative software.

Kotaku brought both of these topics up with Scott Rohde, vice president of worldwide studios told Kotaku at Sony's big PlayStation Move event last week. Rohde had been the main presenter of Move games at the event, launching demos of everything from sports-compilation title Sports Champions to a Move-enhanced SOCOM 4.

After the demos, he talked tech, mentioning his favorite aspect of the Move controller. "There's something magic when that controller is in your hand and the ball changes color," he said "That's another thing that games can do and start to exploit more over the upcoming months. If you're about to cast an ice spell, it could turn white. Let's say you're firing a gun in SOCOM. It might flicker between orange and red and yellow. There's a lot we can do."

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whateva3113d ago

doing Motion Controls right!

WildArmed3113d ago

Yeah, but does it really changed the fact that Wii forced Sony to play it's hand?

I dont think sony or MS would have gone public with any type of motion gaming due to no confidence in the motion gaming market..
until the wii came along.
I"m all for move being the next thing over wii mote and all.. but give credit where it's due.

Devil MAY KILL3113d ago

Games made for PlayStation®Move:

# Move Party (working title)
# Motion Fighter (working title)
# Sports Champions™
# The Shoot (working title)
# TV Superstars™
# Brunswick® Pro Bowling
# EA SPORTS Active 2

Games that are compatible with PlayStation®Move, DUALSHOCK®3 and SIXAXIS® controller:

# SOCOM 4: U.S. Navy SEALs
# EyePet™
# Disney•Pixar Toy Story 3
# Gran Turismo 5
# Tiger Woods 2011
# Little Big Planet
# Split/Second
# Lord of the Rings: Aragorn's Quest

RememberThe3573113d ago (Edited 3113d ago )

What we're saying is that it's pretty narrow minded to ignore that Sony was working on this tech before the Wii(or Revolution) was even talked about.

Sony's RD department wanted to do this for a long time and now they are given the chance to see the fruits of their labor.

Neo6043113d ago

what I want is best quality.
you should feel dump if you don't know wich one.

WildArmed3113d ago

I agree with you.
Sony has been working on this active for awhile.
I just don't like when people put down the wii for it's 'achievements' for w/e they may be.
After watching SOCOM 4 in action, i'm probably going to jump the gun if the move controller is below 40$ (i already own a pseye).

Even Jack Tretton tips his hat for Nintendo for opening up this wide audience. And I respect him for acknowledging Nintendo as the forefront leader in motion gaming. Now Sony will try to 1 up Wii, which will led to better motion gaming for all of us.

RememberThe3573113d ago (Edited 3113d ago )

I see where your coming from. Not only Jack Trenton but I've also heard Howard Stringer tip his hat the Nintendo. From business perspective Nintendo is extremely admirable. But being the gamer that I am, I don't use the Wii at all. It's not an issue of controller but of content that keeps me away from it. I'm not saying it has no good games just not enough to keep me coming back.

Maybe now with Sony pushing for more hardcore games on top of the casual games we'll see more of them in the years to come. I'm not willing to bet on it, just throwing it out there.

I don't mention Natal because even though it uses motion it seems to do it in very different ways then Sony and Nintendo. I think Natal is going to be forced to have game specially made for it seeing as it has no button input.

WildArmed3113d ago

Yeah, I respect Sony's option to be able to play some games with DS3 OR Move. I think that really helps devs (that are making hardcore games) not sacrifice their sales and focus on MOve only.

I actually gifted my Wii away since it was collecting dust. I am in no way a fan of wii, after a few months the wii was in my closet chilling. So i decided to give it away as a b'day gift.
I'm glad it's been put to use there, because i personally had little to 0 fun with it.
(with the exceptions being a Zelda and Mario here and there)

King_of _the_Casuals3113d ago

Just the fact that Sony is already having to answer this question is bad news already. =/ Just last week mass media outlets (MTV, CNN, FOXNEWS, etc....) were calling the MOVE a Wii clone. Not exactly good news for Sony to hear since this is the news that will reach the casual gamers....who the MOVE is targeted towards.

Ju3113d ago

I don't think its bad news for Sony to be compared to the Wii. If at all, I could imagine, people interested in the Wii now can look at the PS3 and compare both offerings. Things they would probably never have done, if they were "just" looking for a Wii system. Now, you can say, PS3 can do that [what the Wii does], too. You might as well check it out.

I still think the Wii has some distinct content, which you can't get on the PS3. Mario for example. A lot of kids friendly games. Motion controls alone won't change that.

For people like me, though, I wouldn't buy a Wii, even though I would want to play some (!) motion controlled games. Now, I possibly can, without the need to buy a new console - and not having to switch to motion controls completely, neither.

skare133112d ago

Sony has been working on the Move for 10 years, Nooooooooo
They worked on a motion base controller a long time ago and decided no to releases it. That controller does not look like to move. The move (and sub move) look like Nintendo's two controller set-up.
That is why everyone is saying they are copying.
Ok Sony was working on that for 10 years.
See I'm not 15, so I know a little secrete Nintendo has been working on motion controlles for more than 21 years.

I even got a video for you 15 years olds

Oner3112d ago

^^^ skare13 ~ Doesn't know the difference between a Tactile Input device and actual MOTION CONTROLLABILITY

PirateThom3112d ago

Power Glove wasn't made by Nintendo, it was made by Mattel. Guess Nintendo just copied it.

Marceles3112d ago

Yeah I agree that Sony and MS wouldn't have gone ahead with their motion projects if it wasn't for Nintendo. As for giving props, Sony gave props to Nintendo during the Playstation Move presention and mentioned how successful they were, which was cool for them. I can't see MS giving anyone any props since "Natal is teh futurez" it couldn't have POSSIBLY been inspired from anything, right?

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schlanz3113d ago

still finding a reason to care


Vegas3113d ago

Try not to disgrace The Dude.

matey3113d ago (Edited 3113d ago )

yes but the implementation of the device in all these games are rubbish im sorry but thats what most people are saying its not like when the wii came out and took everyone by surprise with the gameplay being top notch on games like bowling,golf,tennis,boxing,ect people still have competitions at pubs ect,even i play wiisports still why because nothing comes close to hitting that baseball or bowling ect its gameplay that wont be matched by anyone other than nintendo when they decide to do a wiisports 3 full stop and ZELDA wii with full motion plus will blow the whole industry away fact and if im not wrong the wiimote on its own did more revolutionary stuff than what were seing here with SONY MOVE even 1st gen 3rd partys efforts on the standard wiimote were better than these 1st party efforts from SONY FACT

Biggest3113d ago

So you're saying that similar games played better on the Wii than they will on the Move, even though the Move is more precise than any iteration of the Wii-mote? How does that work, exactly?

Fishy Fingers3113d ago


well I thought it was all opinion up until the end there, thanks for clearing that up. No more discussion needed, we have FACT :)

WildArmed3113d ago

lol fishy thats what i was thinking.

I was like ok, i understand where this is going.. then he ended with FACT.. and i'm like...

ok... mr. most important person posting on n4g comment section.

MarkyMarky3113d ago

lol! FACT!

.... oops had to edit i forgot to add a FULL STOP! as well FULL STOP!

Seferoth753112d ago

@Biggest, I want to know how you KNOW its better having never used it? Oh like good sheep you just assume it is so. Funny how every article I see of people using it says it isnt where the Wii is at all. Even if they do fix it kid you might want to look up and have someone explain what 1:1 actually means. It doesnt get any better than that. Anyone trying to claim SOny's 1:1 beats NIntendos 1:1 is a complete fool, but judging by how quickly you want to give them credit for something they didnt do you may just be the complete fool I speak of.

Please I will be waiting for you PROOF that it is better. Not a tech demo video or some Sony fansite opinion.You're probably not going to though and be the first sheep I met with a yellow streak.

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