Morning Hangover: I Don't Get Final Fantasy XIII

G4: I don't understand Final Fantasy XIII. While it's beautiful and impressive in creating a whole universe, it's the most linear, non-interactive game I've ever played. You walk down a straight hallway, meet some dudes, press "X" and the battle eventually ends. I'm like 10 hours in, and this is all the game is for me. Impressive cut-scenes, but no game

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Chris3993166d ago

I probably won't play it again till I finish WKC and Infinite Undiscovery after that. I might even pick up Resonance of Fate and play that too, before picking up FF XIII again. Everyone keeps saying that it opens up after 20 hours, but I'm a slower gamer than normal (8 hour games take me 12-15 - I like to look around and explore) and I can't imagine another 10 hours of cut-scenes interspersed with scripted battles.

Very poor design decisions at work here.

Hellsvacancy3166d ago

That was the best thing about the Final Fanatsy series, bein able 2 wonder about the world doin all sorts of mini-games and such, i take it theres none of that in the new Final Fantasy game?

Baba19063164d ago

i love the game. and later on the battles get more interesting and some of them rather hard. i would have done some stuff different but there is allways a next one that can make it better, or worse. non theless i really love it.

DaTruth3164d ago

Definitely room for improvement, but I really like it and find the more strategic aspect of the battles great! I'm also pleasantly surprised by the graphics; I watched plenty of downloaded 1080p PSN videos and they are just no match for the actual game graphics!(compression apparently makes a huge difference)

Have been switching back and forth between GOW3 and FF13 when I had originally planned to shelve FF13 till I was through GOW3!

Dellis3164d ago

The Battle System is horrible, its like they decided to make a FF
for casuals or something. Why isn't the Battle System the evolution of
FF12?, why is it this horribly boring X pressing situation?.

FF devs totally messed up by not making it more involving, a battle system needs to evolve, I bet if FF13 had a more involving battle system none of these people would be whining, they want to feel like they are battling in a more involve way, pressing x for 50 hours is not involving.

downwardspiral3164d ago

actually i really like it. The battles are very addicting imo. It may not be the best final fantasy game, but its not as bad as the some of the critics make it out to be.

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