Soul Calibur director explains new direction

As reported back in May, Soul Calibur is punching its way to Wii in a new adventure-based game dubbed Soul Calibur Legends. Many thought the game was being toned down with the new 'adventure game' focus but Namco's making the game as brutal as ever by placing an emphasis on weapon-based combat that uses the Wii Remote.

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ItsDubC3976d ago

Sounds like this game may finally offer controls that accurately process the game player's swinging trajectory/direction and translate them into a multitude of specific in-game moves.

Mr_Kuwabara3976d ago

Like what they did on SC2, it was a neat feature. Don't bring Heihachi though! Dante or Kratos is ok. =P

Mr_Kuwabara3976d ago (Edited 3976d ago )

My bad double post.