Five PSOne Classics you should buy on PSN

Gamerzines looks at the exhaustive list of PSOne Classic available to download on the PSN and chooses five games it recommends you download.

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Corrwin3194d ago

Another list of "Crap you already know about, but I'm going to write about it anyway".

Future Cop: LAPD - The only game that lets you play as ED-209, very addictive base capturing game.

G-Police - Flying around in space domes, enforcing the law.

Syphon Filter - It's incredible how many have not played this. If Michel Bay did Metal Gear... but good.

Command & Conquer - RTSing takes getting used to without a mouse, but it's the only version I know that works in widescreen, getting rid of the command bar when you don't need it.

There! 4 games that will expand your knowledge of 4 different gaming gems, and 4 different genres.

Don't thank me! Just don't read the dire article!

Cajun Chicken3194d ago

Don't think Oddworld is on the PSN it?