EA Announce closed BETA for Need For Speed World

EA's Black Box studio just announced that their will be a closed BETA for the upcoming MMOARG (Massively Multiplayer Online Action Racing Game) Need for Speed World.

This PC BETA test will be tested will thousands of players online in the next few months. To go about enlisting for the BETA head on over to The BETA will be used for direct feedback to the development team so that they can go about adding the final polish to the final product.

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killyourfm2930d ago

Not necessarily reportable but...grammar check?

Thrungus2930d ago

Yeah my bad on the grammar, woops.

Noctis Aftermath2930d ago

It will most likely pay to play upon release, i doubt many will be interested if that is the case.

bnaked2930d ago

Need For Speed World??? Massively Multiplayer Online Action Racing Game???


joydestroy2930d ago

pass. i'm waiting to hear about the Criterion developed NFS.

ProjectVulcan2930d ago

Im interested in the concept because i very much enjoyed Test Drive Unlimited on 360 even with all its faults. Actually cant wait for the sequel to that either

BattleAxe2930d ago

CoD is going MMO, now this....This is not good for gamers. Pretty soon you'll need a subscription to play every game.

a_squirrel2930d ago

I was hoping face to p*(you know)*** it REALLY SUCKS O.o

But hey, what can you do? p**2p** doesn't suck.... at all xD

lzim2930d ago (Edited 2930d ago )

I can't wait for this game. Hopefully it is better than Motorcity

Zhit2930d ago

Anyone know who is developing the NFS:World? I was kind of wondering if World is the NFS project Criterion has been working on since last summer.