Need for Speed World: 'the biggest Need for Speed arena ever'

Destructoid: Massively multiplayer online games aren't only "massive" because thousands of people play with ea ch other at the same time, but also because of the immense game worlds that they offer. Need for Speed World, an upcoming PC-exclusive racing MMO, is no different. EA showed off a closed beta version of the game at a recent press event in New York City, and when I asked producer Marc De Vellis about the game's main draw, he proudly proclaimed, "It's the biggest Need for Speed arena ever."

The game world in NFS World is an amalgam of new areas and of cities from the Need for Speed franchise's greatest hits: the beta I saw included such places as Palmont (from 2006's Need for Speed: Carbon) and Rockport (Need for Speed: Most Wanted, 2005). The regions are connected as one seamless entity; you can race from one end to the other without any loading screens. And when the game launches this summer, EA expects tens of thousands of players to be driving around at once inside it.

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bnaked3164d ago

"the biggest Need for Speed arena ever"

and the quality will suck..

Montrealien3164d ago

And why should we listen to you?

dirthurts3164d ago

It's not the guys who made NFS Shift. All the NFS's they've made have sucked.

Montrealien3164d ago (Edited 3164d ago )

all of them? That`s a little much no? EA Canada/black box have been making NFS games since the Road and Track`s need for speed, and yes, the series has had its up and its downs, like any other.

When was the last time you made a racing franchise as succesful as the Need for Speed franchise?

dirthurts3164d ago

All the NFS's they have made as of late have sucked. The last 3 or 4 have been uninspired rubbish. I felt like they where the same game over and over. They even look the same. They need a new engine and some new talent.

Montrealien3164d ago

(I felt like they where the same game over and over)

Kinda like the last four Gran Turismos,sometimes you just don`t fix what is not broken.

dirthurts3164d ago

But I don't play GT as much as I used too either. But not for that reason. Mostly it got too hard for me. :/
I'm a new kind of guy I guess.
Maybe they'll prove me wrong though. Maybe this game will just rock my face off. But we'll have to wait and see.

Montrealien3164d ago

the wait and see approach is always the best. I will give it a shot, that`s for sure and the lower expectations may lead to a little suprise :)

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HarryM3164d ago

I've just been accepted to their closed beta starting this Friday.

hakis863164d ago

I just hope it bring something fresh.
Looking at that screen I can tell that it is exactely like the map/track in NFS: Most Wanted.
I don't want re-cycling =(

Clarence Callahan3164d ago

can you imagine tri-city and bayview also added?
pure awesomeness!

terrorofdeath3164d ago

Just need to get a better gaming rig. My pc sucks.

Roper3163164d ago

Black Box is a crappy dev imo, they are the ones who made Most Wanted where when you were flying down the road the screen would turn white for like 10 seconds while the rest of the game caught up and you ended up in the wall because of it. I am more interested in the Criterion NFS game then anything Black Box is working on.

Montrealien3164d ago

To be fair black box made alot more good Need for speed games then bad ones.