MundoRare: Perfect Dark XBLA Review

MundoRare says: "For many, GoldenEye was the game they were truly waiting to see on the Xbox Live Arcade, but thanks to Mr Kirby, we won't ever see it, despite being finished and waiting to be released in early 2008.

Fortunately enough, Rare still had an ace up its sleeve, which was none other than its unofficial continuation, Perfect Dark. With no more legal hindrances to avoid, the project for a remake, 10 years later, finally became a reality in the hands of the 4J Studios team (who previously brought us BK and BT XBLA). And, as in the N64 days, PD still feels like a sequel to the Bond title, but with enough improvements to be Rare's topmost of the shoot'em up genre in the past decade."

MundoRare's final verdict: "A game with so many modes, options, solo and multiplayer entertainment, cheats, secrets and overall quality is a rare gem in today's world. Having that make a return with better graphics in full HD, good framerate and online modes is basically achieving the perfection that wasn't possible with the limitations of the Nintendo 64."

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edgeofblade3170d ago

It seems a bit misleading to see the 10/10 score on N4G next to an automated ad for Perfect Dark Zero...