Indigo Prophecy Dev Working on Exclusive PS3 Title

Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios have penned a deal with Quantic Dream (the team behind Indigo Prophecy/Fahrenheit) to collaborate on an exclusive Playstation 3 title.

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Siesser3914d ago (Edited 3914d ago )

Indigo Prophecy is indeed the most emotionally engrossing game I'ver ever played. It's also the most immersive; it's one of the few times I can recall getting into the game enough that my mindset was "what should I do?" rather than "what should I have the character do." Usually in gaming, I feel like an observer, where-as with IP, I actually was drawn into the story, action, and decisions.

If Heavy Rain ( is any indicator of where they're going with next-gen, I'm excited.

FreeMonk3914d ago

Indigo Prophecy (a.k.a. Fahrienheit in the UK), was an exceptional game.

Great Story, great characters and totally unique gameplay in the way that you have to make the decisions on where the story goes. It's not a game set to just road, it has multiple ways of completing the game with multiple endings. Great game.

Heavy Rain demo at E3 was very impressive, so if they keep the same mechanics of Indigo and apply to next gen, it will be awesome.

TruthHurts3914d ago

anyhow, this is the best news i`ve heard in a while.
Indigo prophecy had all the right pieces to be a AAA title.
and i know they come thru on this one. from start to finish.

lil bush3914d ago

i loved indigo prophecy, so i will be excited to see what they will be working on, infact a indigo prophecy 2 would be sick

roneberg3914d ago

exclusives are coming back! lost ones... but we will get others!

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The story is too old to be commented.