Digital Distribution "Incredible" For Indie Publishers

Although digital distribution has been a sore point for most of the bigger publishers in the industry, independent producers of videogames have praised this method of distribution.

In an interview with IncGamers, Puncher Studios, an independent developer and publisher of videogames, has said that the company would be lost without digital distribution.

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thetamer2832d ago

I bet they won't care if there are DRM issues, the more people that play their game, the better I assume!

Fyzzu2832d ago

DRM issues like what? Most indie games are purchasable straight from the site and you then download an install file which *has* no copy protection. Some use trial versions and serials, but not many. Then there's stuff that goes onto Steam, which is possibly the least-hated form of DRM out there.

I'm not sure what DRM has to do with digital distribution on the whole. They're two entirely different things.

Christopher2832d ago

Well, yeah, DD is awesome for Indie developers. Especially since they don't have the money to go with multi-million dollar production values that result in multiple gigabytes of data to download.

I don't think anyone's questioning XBLA and PSN current source of DD content. The question is whether or not the future is really in downloading 18-30GB of game data to a HDD rather than picking up a single game case with one or more discs in it.

AndyA2832d ago

Agreed, I think DD is crucial to maximising the creativity in the industry.

Fyzzu2832d ago

Yep. Digital distribution is great for indie devs. Combine it with a solid demo and you've got the potential for massive word of mouth, the temptation of instant access, impulse purchases, and a lot more.

Of course, there's also a lot of competition...

Dorjan2832d ago

Of course! Lowers the overhead :D

Leord2832d ago

It's like LoL and HoN as well. Al lthat is digital, and is great. I just want to be able to play offline sometimes though. I suppose that is why you - after you buy it - also download a hacked copy :)