The Most Hilariously Disturbing Thing You Will See In Resonance of Fate

Gamegrep: Resonance of Fate is already looking like it will be a solid title, but if you aren't convinced it'll be an RPG worth playing, maybe Barbarella's... 'interesting' breast physics and tough-guy Vashyron doing a sexy dance will sway your opinion?

How this will be successfully translated into English is beyond me. Good luck, Nolan North!

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Chris3993195d ago

It's just too weird not to be in my collection.

TotalPS3Fanboy3195d ago

That is just ridiculously funny. In a good way.

Natsu X FairyTail3195d ago

Completely agree. This game looks like it's going to be some kind of RPG cult classic. I like the Movie style the game has. Felt like some good Tarantino / japanese movie stuff.

thewhoopimen3195d ago (Edited 3195d ago )

I couldn't get the whole dialogue but one of the funny lines was when the dining lady rocks her head back and says "All natural (organic) meat is sooooo delicious!" and the guy staring at her breasts thinks in his head, "Are those [delicious] mounds of meat reaaaaaally all natural???!"

Eamon3195d ago

Don't you guys find it disturbing how the japanese view their women no more than f*ck toys? The fact that almost every character you see has breasts larger than Mount Fuji and faces no older than 13 year olds really says something here.


I totally agree with you in both N4G and Youtube !

Chris3993194d ago (Edited 3194d ago )

Japanese society is generally very traditional and misogynistic. I'm not personally a fan of either of those things, but looking at their media as a Westerner, I understand that. It's like watching a Bollywood film and then complaining that they "wave their arms around and sing too much".

And for all of their perceived societal faults (from a Western perspective), the Japanese have some wonderfully bizarre humor and pieces like this (Shadow Hearts 1, 2 and 3 also come to mind).

You aren't being forced to like it, but at least attempt to understand.

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theoboley3195d ago

i dont know of any bewbs that jiggle like that... so weird.

Lou Ferrigno3195d ago

HAHA wow,i truly cant wait to see what the translation in english is gunna be now lol.
japs have some crazy minds i tell you.
but its these crazy minds that make these badazz enjoyable games for us outsiders.

otherwise this game is so far lookin good.. ive got my WKC to keep me going on JRPG status for now but depending on how this game does i might just have to pick it up.

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The story is too old to be commented.