PSP game download service uncovered in latest firmware hack?

PSP gamers tired of battery sapping UMDs may soon have their prayers for legal downloadable games answered.

A line of code discovered in the latest firmware update by homebrew ninja Dark_Alex hints at the potential for the PSP to load encrypted ISO images off a memory stick. This could pave the way for Sony to release a full digital download service for games, but might just as easily be something much less show stopping – it is all speculation for now.

Having said that, news that Dark_Alex hung up his homebrew kit for the last time yesterday does seem slightly coincidental, especially as E3 is just over one week away. We hate to get all 'there was no lunar landing' on you, but could it be that the prolific Mr Alex turned up something that Sony doesn't want anyone to know about quite yet?

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pwnsause3915d ago

hey how things add up, Sony Did say they were going to Put a PS Store on the PSP, Bring it Sony!!!!!

clownfacemcgee3915d ago (Edited 3915d ago )

It does sound quite unlikely, that would be why DaX retired. I mean, what would a line of code for a download service, have to do with DaX retiring? If Sony makes legal downloadable games, we still need homebrew. And that's the department that DaX works in. Also, I'd rather have a UMD, than have to buy a huge memory stick for all those DL'd games.

Oh, and.. whatever you do... don't click this link...

roneberg3915d ago

that would be so great... ps store on psp with great games ate a good price... Bring it on!!!

marcellizot3915d ago

The reason it may have caused Dark alex to retire is because in light of Dark Alex potentially letting Sony's big PSP E3 cat out of the bag Sony decided enough was enough and issued him with a cease and desist.

Just a theory mind but he does mention the PS3 hackers that had a nasty run in with sony as one of the reasons he wants to quit on his sign off. Click the link in the article to see it.

If a PSP game download service is announced as E3 for the PSP, then it may shed a little light on Dark Alex's retirement.

MK_Red3915d ago

Hopefully with download serive, PSP's full multimedia potential can be used.

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