The Conduit 2 official soon

Reports of what looked like a Conduit 2 poster, hanging on the wall of High Voltage's booth at GDC, have surfaced already. But where others only got some sly smiles when asked about it, Gamereactor got a confirmation straight from the developers that it is, indeed, The Conduit 2 and when we can expect to hear about more about it.

They write: "When Gamereactor paid a visit to the High Voltage Software at this year's GDC we noticed a poster with in the same art style as The Conduit sporting an enormous 2 in the middle of it. When asked about it, High Voltage chief creative officer, Eric Nofsinger, replied: 'We're very excited about it, the first one was great, but this is something much better.'"

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pcz3173d ago

Its obvious this game will be multi-platform.

Its also obvious this game will be a waste of time.

Not interested.

ChickeyCantor3172d ago

Actually, The grinder is also multiplat, but only by name.
So im not worried about that

pcz3172d ago

Grinder actually looks good though.

I really don't like conduit... the look, the story.. everything about it. I think its a really ugly game.

Giving the game a sequel is the worst possible thing they could do (creatively.)

The company talked until they were blue in the face about the wii and what they promised, and they didn't deliver. That Gladiator game they produced also looks ugly- what were they thinking?

I bet they will release this game on wii, natal and MOVE. Its going to be rubbish because instead of dedicating development time to one system, they will spread themselves thin which will result in a crap product.

ChickeyCantor3172d ago

Fact is they also made the game while the engine was in development.
Conduit looks to be a showcase in the end. But i have higher hopes for Conduit 2.

Look at redsteel 2.

pcz3172d ago

To be honest i don't really like the look of Red Steel 2 either, but yes it does look like a massive improvement over the original.

I just don't think High Voltage have what it takes, they haven't shown me anything that fills me with confidence in them.

The Grinder does look promising though.

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EvilTwin3173d ago

There was promise in the first game. They nailed the controls (and a customizable scheme) for Wii shooters, and there was some impressive tech powering that game.

But the art style and level design? Ugh.

The online bugs? Double ugh.

I would like to see HVS make a good sequel (if you played the first one and beat it, you know they won't be tied down to a "realistic" style for a follow-up), but I honestly don't know if they can pull it off. They haven't shown me they can make anything more than a corridor shooter (albeit one that controls impressively).

Prove me wrong, guys.

tunaks13173d ago

they got the controls down, made a profit on the first, now just give it an artistic facelift and fix online

ozstar3172d ago (Edited 3172d ago )

Didn't anyone learn anything from The Grinder NOT BEING AN FPS for PS360?
And you're still expecting Conduit 2 to be on those consoles, despite its generic issues and "dodgy online", etc?


The real interesting lesson here is Patchers belief that a Wii needs 500k minimum to be a success on the Wii. Clearly hes pretty far off when you're talking about a small studio (like HVS or Suda).

AEtherbane3172d ago

Which makes me believe, that judging by the poster, it could easily be hunter 2.......or conduit 2

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