Exclusivity doesn't exist, but it's still ruining gaming - VGD

Thinking inside the hardware box is neither fun, realistic nor productive, so why do we do it?

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madmonkey03171d ago

sonys 15 first party studios say hi

dirigiblebill3171d ago

One thing and one thing only separates a first party from a third party studio: time.

tdrules3171d ago

and making them only work on one platform starves other platforms, which the article is about.

good on Sony though, best group of first party studios on any platform right now.

Pennywise3171d ago

Why would Sony want to feed the other consoles? Especially after all the nonsense one of them is always spouting.

raztad3171d ago (Edited 3171d ago )

The article is not only about game exclusivity but IDEAS, tech. For example, DI cloning GoW, Move replicating Wii controller experience, Lips following Singstar steps. The list can go on and on, PSN and XBL, Miis and MS avatars, Natal and Eye Toy, etc etc. IDEAs when successful dont take long to be replicated.

DanyBrown3171d ago

So exclusives are the root of all fanboy evil ??? good to know

good read by the way

silvacrest3171d ago

lol i always thought money was a big factor too, i guess im wrong


Yeah, its not really the route to take for a 3rd party dev/pub. There probably isn't a handful of 3rd parties that are actually successful making a game exclusive.

sikbeta3171d ago

"Exclusivity doesn't exist"

Right, so OMGOW3 is not a PS3 Exclusive?

"but it's still ruining gaming"

Why? LBP+UC+KZ2+UC2+GOW3++++ Are Awesome... Ah this Article is So Pointless

UnwanteDreamz3170d ago (Edited 3170d ago )

I thought the article was okay until he completely absolved the media for flamebaiting. I understand that they are doing what is good for business and that readers feed it but what happened to integrity?

Like a drug dealer saying he sells crack because that is what people want. If you know it is harmful and you participate then you are responsible.

randomwiz3170d ago (Edited 3170d ago )

These comments are funny. I dont think most of the commenters realize that they are stamping "I didn't read the article and commented" on their foreheads.

Basically what this article is saying is that nothing is truly exclusive because there's a similar thing like Natal v Eyetoy, Move v Wii, Singstar v Lips.

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DavidMacDougall3171d ago

Yeah i was thinking he didn't own a PS3 thats why he's b!tching.

Edwin853171d ago

BUt surely competitive spirit is a good thing?

jjesso19933171d ago

runing gaming how does god of war or uncharted or killzone or gears of war or halo or little big planet runing gaming exclsuive games keep up the competion and thats whats making this generation so good.

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The story is too old to be commented.