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It's refreshing to play a game in which you're shooting as the Russians rather than shooting at them, and it's one that explores the nation's checkered history to boot. Shaky combat lets Metro 2033 down, but as an overall experience this narrative-rich shooter is memorable, unique and terrifying in equal measure.

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Michael-Jackson3196d ago (Edited 3196d ago )

"Remember the time"... bu.bu.bu teh graphics are betterz than Killzone 2!!!

Denial3196d ago

Lol look at how upset you are.

Michael-Jackson3196d ago (Edited 3196d ago )

Yes I'm upset that Metro 2033 has crap graphics and teh bots only judged it from its PC counterpart/screenshots, U Swad??? :-(

Michael-Jackson3196d ago it hard to understand what I meant by that?

Denial3196d ago

Yeah because it isn't an actual word.

AliTheBrit193196d ago

Ask some of your fellow PS3 fanboys if its hard to understand. Retards don't have so much trouble understanding other retards.

CernaML3196d ago (Edited 3196d ago )

lol It took me a while to get what you meant by "U swad." I need some sleep...

Edit: I mean I need some sweep. :]

Michael-Jackson3196d ago (Edited 3196d ago )

ohh manz u havz teh pointz i hop u underswand dis sory.

dustgavin3196d ago (Edited 3196d ago )

"Retards don't have so much trouble understanding other retards."

That is funny considering you are one of the biggest idiots on this site. Two bubbles to go!

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Doc Sony3196d ago

Not the KillzoneSlayer some had hoped it would be.

R2D23196d ago

What ever happend to that game.

sGIBMBR3196d ago

Why are you comparing this game to Killzone?

This is a story driven survival action game.

Killzone is good in its own merits, but these are totally different games!

I hate to sound like a fanboy here, because im not, i own all 3 consoles and enjoy 2 of them (ps3 and 360) but Why does the 360 need a Killzone killer? Killzone wasn't the "Halo" killer that you die hard sony fans thought it would be!

I love the fact this game just appeared out of no where, and its a game to look forward to, that not many of us knew about afew months ago :)

dustgavin3196d ago

"The lighting effects are spectacular, light and dark playing off of each other to create a tense claustrophobia. Visual filters placed over the camera further enhance the sense of immersion."

Sounds like a promising game.

RedSky3196d ago

Not to say atmosphere isn't important, but graphical effects fall waaaay down the line of importance past storyline and gameplay.

RadientFlux3196d ago

I'm still hyped for this game, after reading through the IGN review and a few other reviews. This seems like my type of game, atmospheric with some strategy elements.

TD_RJ3196d ago

8 is a flop ?
Just wow...

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