Final Fantasy XIII-2 - Is Final Fantasy Dying?

30 Ninjas: "I don't think any of us want to see Final Fantasy finally kick the bucket. It is one of the only surviving JRPG franchises that succeeds in America. However, peculiar design choices as of late has certainly put the series in peril. Final Fantasy X-2 failed as a sequel, Final Fantasy XII had a very lukewarm reception, Final Fantasy XI simply didn't succeed as much as people thought it would, Final Fantasy XIV is going to be another MMO when no one seems to be asking for one, and now Final Fantasy XIII seems to be getting it's fair share of sequels and spin-offs."

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Xof3171d ago

A franchise can't be considered alive when it takes five years to develop a game--or in the case of FF, an entire decade to develop a good game. Something is seriously WRONG with the development team at Square Enix. Yes, Final Fantasy XIII is an awesome game, but it took six odd years to develop. Mass Effect 2, for example, only took two.

Back to the article itself, I love FFXIII. I'd love to see a XIII-2. I haven't enjoyed a FF game so much since FFX. That said, I'm hugely disappointed in them making FFXIV an MMO. Seriously--NO ONE was asking for one.

Coolmanrico3171d ago

I disagee that FF is already dead, but I agree with everything else. I'll love to see an XIII-2. When you look at it Vs will be the last Final Fantasy for awhile for us who aren't going to pick XIV up.