Fact: Sony Looking To Use Move In Every Game

In a very informative and interesting interview game trailers did, Scott Rohde from SCEA said "We are looking at using move for every title we do". This could be a bad thing or a super awesome thing. Read more for the interview, statement and some ideas.

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player-13114d ago

Gta would be dope if u could control the arms fully

Jaybad543114d ago

Sometimes I just want to sit and play a game with a normal controller, not flail my arms around no matter what game I play. Hopefully they will have "normal controller" and move support, and not make everything move exclusive

player-13114d ago

It could be cool in some games though

Jaybad543114d ago

Yeah, of course. Its just the every game bit that worries me

TotalPS3Fanboy3114d ago

as an optional alternate control scheme. You do not have to use it. You can choose to if you want. That's what Sony meant.

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AliTheBrit193114d ago

Oh yah thats great Sony

Compromise gamers getting the full experience out of games to push something on them that most don't want

Hmm now why does that sound familiar? oh thats right

Sixaxis, look how that turned out.