Greenberg clarifies comment about Xbox 360 having twice the installed base of the PS3

In a recent interview with Edge magazine (via CVG), Aaron Greenberg made a rather interesting comment about the console race between the two high-definition consoles. The Xbox 360 product manager said the Xbox 360 currently has "nearly twice" the installed base of the Playstation 3.

This caused a bit a of confusion considering that, according to Microsoft's and Sony's fiscal reports, the Xbox 360 was at 38.7 million units sold worldwide as of the end of 2009 while the Playstation 3 followed closely at 33.5 million.

Fortunately, Aaron Greenberg recently clarified the statement he made with Edge

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Cold 20003166d ago (Edited 3166d ago )

Well it was pretty obvious.

Some people almost had a heart attack though. Talk about being oversensitive geez.

FangBlade3166d ago

lol is this guy for real?
he's like the worst PR ever.

Darkeyes3166d ago

It's pretty obvious to us lol.. We just like to point out and laugh at Walruses who work for M$ at the highest post and fail at 1st grade Math. And knowing this Walrus I am 100% sure he forgot the World on purpose just to spark a fanboy war and look good in front of the less informed. Great to know that 360 fbs and this guy share of common gene of mistaking the World as America....

Still wondering how 20/2=12??? 2 Million are a lot of people.

Leio3166d ago Show
DJexs3166d ago

I think he likes trouble and drama

Kurylo3d3166d ago

You know i dont understand why you guys are hating on him. He is right. In north america, xbox360 has sold nearly twice as much as ps3. The man isnt lieing. 20 million to 12 million. Whats the problem? How is that bad PR for microsoft? Im confused why people are taking that comment so personally.

bjornbear3166d ago

if it was that obvious, why does he have to clarify?

Cold 20003166d ago

That is why he had to clarify. They were going berserk for something so insignificant.

gaffyh3166d ago

He's done the exact same thing before, it's obvious that the first time he says it is to sway those that are too stupid to question his speech. Then he corrects it to make it seem like it was just a mistake.

Fool me once, shame on me, fool me twice...

Christopher3166d ago

It's still a stupid statement.

Why? Because he says overall install base according to NPD data, which is U.S. only. He should have still said nearly twice the install base in the United States according to NPD data.

That's still like Sony coming out and saying they have nearly quadruple the install base according to whatever Japanese data there is.

The fact of the matter is that he's trying to use only a portion of overall numbers to fluff Microsoft's feathers up as big as possible and it's just marketing BS. I hate marketing BS, no matter who does it. Microsoft should just be happy that in their second generation of gaming consoles they are in second place and ahead of their primary competitor in the HD gaming market. All they need to do is keep that lead and they will have a huge lead on the market going into the next generation.

starvinbull3166d ago

Sort of shows where the priorities of M$ are. USA first everywhere else second.

That would be ok if they weren't lagging behind in every part of the world except the USA.

Daver3166d ago

Why Microsoft exec always have to clarify things? I think they need to just shut the fu$k up a bit more.

Lifendz3166d ago

This mistake, your statement that God of War 3 can be done on the 360 (despite not having the tech background to make such a statement), and then you re-tweet some Sony fanboy story? smh. Even 360 fanboys should be ashamed of this guy.

see: for GOW3 comments and some other very funny statements.

velcry3166d ago

Make sure you say it right the first time round, then there will be no need to clarify anything.

Syronicus3166d ago

Aaron Greenberg is the mentor to all obvious Xbox fanboys. he supports trash talking about the competition while Sony and Nintendo come off as more honorable in terms of talking about their own products and their own efforts without having to bring up the other competitors. Only in the last few months have we even seen Sony dabble in the trash talk and I certainly hope for the sake of the gaming industry that they do not succumb to the same sophomoric antics that MS employs with douche bags like Aaron Greenburg.

Anon19743166d ago (Edited 3166d ago )

"I...I...I meant in the US! We know we've been getting beat like a cheap whore worldwide for the past three years now by both Sony and Nintendo and for calendar year 2009 we've had year over year declines while software revenues plummet as we slash Xbox Live marketing and lay off thousands in the Xbox division which is the only reason we've got a profit this past fiscal year, but in the US we're still doing great. Phew. That was a good save, eh?"

You have to admit though, as a PR guy they really aren't giving him a lot to work with. But Natal will change all that when all gamers throw down their controllers and start playing Gears of War by jumping in front of their screens like monkeys, isn't that right?

Tell me I'm not the only one who is sick of Greenberg's lies and BS. It's completely distasteful and unprofessional the way he runs his mouth. I can't think of another corporate head anywhere that chooses to promote his division's work in such a negative way.

King_of _the_Casuals3166d ago

It was quite obvious it was about the U.S alone if people read the nature of the interview.

I BLAME the media as they post misleading Headlines on everything just to get hits. Then again, we are gamers are also at fault for giving those articles the most hits! It's a vicious cycle we are creating =/

Motion3166d ago (Edited 3166d ago )

360 sales can not be used to judge the install base. I have personally bought 3 360's, each being a consecutive replacement for the first. (If you really want to get into it, one was through a best buy replacement plan and the last was after 3 years). Out of those 3 360's, only one is "installed" the others were scrapped. I'm not in the majority when it comes to this, but I'm definitely far from being the only one. I think its safe to take 15-20% off M$'s "installed" figures if they base it on sales.

acedoh3166d ago

Aaron Greenburg are a big part of the problem in videogaming today. Years ago when it was the Genesis and SNES you didn't hear all this trash talking about numbers. Of course they came out but they weren't geared towards the fanbase but more towards stock holders. Most gamers weren't bothered by what console was number one or two. Most just cared about what games were coming out. Now with Greenburg it's like everyone has to be hostile towards each console. Instead of just enjoying the games. In a couple of years there shouldn't be any reason that a gamer can't have both consoles when prices will be under $200 for either console. I believe Microsoft promotes people like Greenburg and wants a army to cheer the 360 battle cry. This only makes gaming worse.

captain-obvious3166d ago

why the hell do you guys even give a f*ck about this guy
he is worse that patcher

kerrak3166d ago

According to the "Paradigmatic Spin Theorem" formulated by presticious matemathician A. Greenberg:

nearly 24/12 = 20/12
20/12 = only 20/16
Nearly Twice = Only 5:4

If 20/10 = 20/12
20/12 = 18/12
Almost Twice = 50%

Given any data, 50% = 5:4 = almost twice

Prototype3166d ago

He's still an idiot.

I wish I could get paid to say whatever I want then later spin it, repeat the same process next month.

fr0sty3166d ago

I love how he always quotes US numbers as if we're the only place on earth. You can't quote that you're outselling the competition 2:1 like it's a good thing when you're still getting your ass handed to you in worldwide sales.

It's no different than Sony saying "We've got many, many times more sales than Xbox 360", then coming out a few days later and saying "oops, we meant in japan".

All the NPD data in the world isn't going to change the fact that the 360 is sliding downwards in sales vs. ps3 every week, and at this rate will fall into 3rd place eventually.

working4games3166d ago

Yes, let's blame the media for quoting exactly what he said. I didn't know the media's job was to correct someone they interviewed despite an obvious error in a statement. If anything, the media did the uninformed a favor and may have somewhat exploited MS. Anyways, on to the next subject please...

King_of _the_Casuals3166d ago

I blame them because they ALWAYS put a title that entices anger, such as "MS: Blu-Ray absence key to 360 outselling PS3" They could've easily defused the anger with an argument with something more appropriate like:

"MS- Cheaper price key to outselling the PS3 in NA."

But a title like that wouldn't have received as many hits so that's why they went with the latter. That's something you can't deny.

UnwanteDreamz3166d ago (Edited 3166d ago )

You think he had to clarify because of some kids in a comment section? What are you like 12yo? If you are going to try and educate someone why not use common sense?

This man had to clarify because his comment was misrepresented (at least to hear him say it)

I guess you are too busy to read what you link cause had you read that article you would see that this is what he was reported as saying

"The Xbox product director claimed that "being $100 cheaper [than PS3] is part of the reason we're nearly twice their installed base".

"Sony bet on the physical disc, and there are costs associated with that," Greenberg told Edge magazine.

Now in his twitter he says "look at the quote, I never said worldwide, I said nearly twice the installed base according to NPD data- 20M-12M."

If this is all true then the original source from yesterday started it and they are the reason he had to clarify.

Tricksy3166d ago

working for the biggest bunch of douchbags this world has ever seen.

gameraxis3165d ago

and if you do it the other way, according to AG 360 would need 24 million... and 4 million is a lot more than 2 which is a lot to begin with lol

damn troll (ag)

Eddie201013165d ago

Why is he quoting NPD sales numbers (US sales estimates) in a UK web sites interview. Still doesn't even come close to explaining the other stupid comments he made in that interview.

Still a douche.

beardpapa3165d ago

According to that article,

"the Xbox 360 was at 38.7 million units sold worldwide as of the end of
2009 while the Playstation 3 followed closely at 33.5 million."

This puts it at 5.2m difference worldwide at the end of 2009. Then...

"look at the quote, I never said worldwide, I said nearly twice the installed base according to NPD data- 20M-12M."

So according to NPD, there is a 8m difference. What does this mean to me? Even if the PS3 outsells the 360 in terms of worldwide total units say for example ... 40m vs 38m (a 2m differnece), the 360 will still be ahead of the PS3 in NA. And we know NA matters because NA = world. /s

Anyway, can anyone explain the discrepancy between the 8m NPD difference and 5.2m ww difference? I'm under the impression everyone's been using the same statistics, so why the 2.8m difference?

greatjimbo783165d ago

Gaffyh Wrote, "Fool me once, shame on me, fool me twice..."

Ah, straight out of the George Bush book of quotations!

The Lazy One3165d ago

This just in... Darkeyes likes to mock walruses.

"We just like to point out and laugh at Walruses"

see how cutting off the end of a sentence can completely change it's meaning?

Where did you learn math?

vhero3165d ago

the fact that they got nearly double yet games dont sell double on 360 in US proves that RROD and piracy are the reason they have double. Its all fake numbers..

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dragonelite3166d ago

Hate this kinda quoting makes people angry and its only for sensation.

It would be like moviestar X says "yeah i would like to f#ck eva mendes if she pays me money" then the interviewer only prints out the "yeah i would to f#ck eva mendes".

i know eva mendes isnt the right example just use lady gaga or something.

JeffGUNZ3166d ago

I couldn't use lady gaga, their isn't enough money in the world for me to touch that scum bag!

Christopher3166d ago

Ah, cute... Internet dorks bashing on famous women. That's about as hilarious as people who claim they'd 'hit it' from every which way against random photos of women on the Web.

JeffGUNZ3166d ago

"internet dorks"...haha, you're adorable. If you'd prefer, you can give your phone number and I can tell you in person I hate Lady Gaga with a passion. Or would that just make me a telephone dork?

Funny, everyone here is at a VIDEO GAME website, and you're calling out dorks? It's not like you're just here browsing, you took the time to create an account so you could post about video games. Looks like the pot is calling the kettle black.

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Nicholas Cage3166d ago

This caused a bit a of confusion considering that, according to Microsoft's and Sony's fiscal reports, the Xbox 360 was at 38.7 million units sold worldwide as of the end of 2009 while the Playstation 3 followed closely at 33.5 million.

the final straw thats breaking the camels back is misleading information.

peeps3166d ago

taking quotes from an interview but missing out important parts is misleading information...

halojunkie3166d ago (Edited 3166d ago )

Fortunately, Aaron Greenberg recently clarified the statement he made with Edge. On his Twitter, he wrote the following: "look at the quote, I never said worldwide, I said nearly twice the installed base according to NPD data- 20M-12M."


Hellsvacancy3166d ago (Edited 3166d ago )

Fallout 3 RULES!!!!


CadDad3166d ago

I guess +/- 4 million is 'nearly' to some people.

20+4 = 12*2

I included my fancy math there for those that will say the PS3 is only 2 million above the half-way point. Well in sales, you can't go backwards, so the 360 has to sell twice as many to keep up the pace, hence the 4 million mark.

<3 Fallout 3 btw.