PlayStation Move: A Genius Move or a Stroke of Stupidity?

PS3Informer writes, "Sony calls it their next big thing in video gaming. Can we call this Move genius, or should we really call it idiot-savant (minus the savant)?"

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swingingape3193d ago

Games games games... it's all about the games. I've seen nothing exciting....... yet.

-Alpha3193d ago (Edited 3193d ago )


It's all about games and all GDC did was show garbage Wii games in HD. Socom 4 was the promising choice but I'd like to see new game ideas using the precision motion. One can argue that it's to show off the precision but I was convinced at E3 last time and now we all just want to see the (hardcore) games utilizing it. If Demon's Souls 2 is shown at E3 with Move I'm going to go bonkers.

ChozenWoan3193d ago

and not the same old blockout game that requires 50 balls to come streaming at a player so that some of them will hit the player by accident and cause another 50 balls to come flying out.

We've seen more games from PSMove than for Natal, including some hardcore type games. MS was at GDC, where was the Natal arcade. MS had a conference the week before, where was all of the Natal games at. Hiding behind the cliche that MS likes to play their cards close wont work. They have had no problems displaying them at E309, Jimmy Fallon, and on Smallville. They have even bragged about how many devs they have working on Natal games... so where is the demos?

Lets face the facts, 90% of what was shown at E309 was fluff. Of the remaining 10%, half of it was smoke and mirrors. The only real things we have seen of Natal has been a kiddy paint program, a lagy demo that Sony helped develop some years ago, and voice recognition of a few basic words... something that Sony did with Socom on the PS2.

PSMove proved that it can be incorporated into existing hardcore games such as Socom4, which is not some simple FPS/TPS. It will also deliver the accuracy and gaming experiences that everyone expected from the Wii and that it wont eat up 30% of the PS3's hardware resources. And since most devs are familiar with the Wiimote and are getting a grip on the PS3's tech, it will be possible to create HD versions of past and future Wii games at little development expense.

Ignore these facts if you will, but that would truly be a "Stroke of Stupidity."

tinman_licks3193d ago

Natal and Move need to release some really great games if I'm gonna get one.

Slient Knight 93193d ago (Edited 3193d ago )

That would be crazy, demon souls 2 with move and released "EVERYWHERE" this time (Brain Freezes) WOW.

I would be happy with that what about "Move" being compatable with Heavy Rain aswell.

Nitrowolf23193d ago

something i am actually interested in. I am in the move/NATAL but i am talking about the games, so far i see sports game which ot me isn't impressive even though it is very accurate.
after seeing that from a few days ago this got me really excited, so now it does 3D like NATAL?