PSP, PS3 To Get Skinny App Store

TSA Writes:

Sony are to release the cleverly named Skinny for PSP. The Skinny is a lightweight tool that will allow content creators to get non-game applications onto the PSN Store, easily.

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Liamabob3193d ago

Well, one problem that i've noticed recently (it applies to the mini's too). The minimum top-up of your playstation network balance. If a game is priced at £3.99 or less, it's the kinda thing you'd get as an impulse-buy. But with the minimum top-up of £5 in the UK, i've been driven away from purchasing them, and instead would have to take that into account when I next decide to purchase something of higher value.

I hate to say it, but, iTunes has nailed it.

Things just need to be debited straight from a bank account.

Ju3193d ago

Not sure if that is Europe only, but in the US you do not need to maintain a balance. In that case, you can directly book your creditcard, which books the 3.99 only. If you top up, than the same rule applies, its a minimum of $5.

hazelamy3192d ago

and six months to a year later we'll see them on the eu store.
and whichever way you add money to your account in the uk, can't speak for the rest of europe, whether you're adding money without buying something or adding it to pay for something the minimum is still five pounds.