Monster Hunter Portable 3rd Trailer, Screens, and Info Blowout

During a press event in Japan, Capcom announced Monster Hunter Portable 3rd for the PSP. The game will feature all the monsters, weapons, and moves from Monster Hunter 3. To make the game more enticing to PSP owners, there will also be a number of new additions made to the game like the new wolf and bear monsters for example. Some new moves will be added, too. What won't make the cut will be the few water-based levels from Monster Hunter 3, unfortunately. This isn't a port of Monster Hunter 3, which will release on Wii in North America in a month's time.

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matey3116d ago

yes but it looks very poor i love my ds they dont try to get graphics out of it that are impossible and i knew mh3 wasnt coming to psp how silly to think that wow this monster hunter psp the 3rd is looking rubbish ill wait for ds2 and get monster hunter 4 on wii2/ds2 capcom recently said to nintendo please make the online very robust for ds2 what ever that means

matey3116d ago

wow just watched the whole trailer and it is very bad graphic wise this is what the ps2 would look like if it tried the wii beast that is MH3 sorry sony fans but the wii is hugely more powerful than the psp/ps2 combined 3 times over the gamecube was 3 times the ps2 the wii is 7 times the ps2 im talking fill rate ect what makes a game look impressive and next gen is fill rate

playerone3116d ago (Edited 3116d ago )

Obviously it wont look as good as mh3 on wii, but you have to admitt that this could be one of the best graphics portable games EVER released.

Why am i even bothering anyway...


Look at that. With idiotic comments like that, it's not wonder you ran out of bubbles so quick.

jc485733115d ago

i thought the game looked great!

George Sears3115d ago

I can't wait! Easily one of my favorite Portable franchise on the PSP. I spend 100's of hours playing both games by myself and online (adhoc party and Xlink). Can't wait to master these new monsters although it sucks that most of the old ones are gone. I wonder if they will bring backs the bowgun and the likes..

RufustheSage3115d ago

I really do love this series but I wish they would bring it over to PS3. The online would be insane, no more having to use my PS3 to play with other people!
I can't quite remember but isn't Capcom bringing a MH over to 360?