Monster Hunter Portable 3rd First Images

Capcom today released the first artwork and screens of Monster Hunter 3rd Portable.

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Endless_X3169d ago

The trailer is up now !

qface643169d ago (Edited 3169d ago )

just as i thought its not mh3 tri like people were saying it was gonna be

looks like this MH will have a feudal japanese them to it from the looks of it

wow after actually watching the trailer you notice that ALLOT of the areas are just recycled from MH tri with a few changes to them

SpoonyRedMage3169d ago

Yer, the areas are took from Tri but it's not Tri and it doesn't feature the underwater stuff.

It's a separate game based in the same place.

rezzah3169d ago

As awesome as this is, Im done with MH on the psp. Next time Im playing MH hopfully will be on the PS3. If not then owell.

Myst3169d ago

I'll probably still get both to...

momonaboy3169d ago

I was debating on whether or not to buy Monster Hunter Tri for the Wii, but now that this game is coming im just going to wait for MHF3 and probably rent Tri.

I hope and pray that they make the next Monster Hunter for the PS3, even if they just port the wii version and make it 720p/1080p I would be happy.

tunaks13168d ago

the right analog stick changes everything, i would rather get Tri, better controls and better graphics.

adlt3168d ago

A monster hunter on the PS3 with PSP graphics as long as it include an online system similiar to Frontier and new monsters...I just want a monster hunter on the PS3, I'm getting desperate.