SquareGo: God of War 3 Review

SquareGo writes "God of War 3 is a great action game. There is no doubt about that. From the minute that first level loads up you know the scale of it all. The epic feel is evident just from the view of the Titans scaling Mount Olympus, and that never wavers throughout the entire experience. From fighting on and with the Titans, to killing the Gods themselves, God of War 3 certainly has a lot to live up to. The gigantic scale is only the start."

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bjornbear3171d ago (Edited 3171d ago )

4/5 = 80/100 = great score

edit: thank you fishy fingers. I love my PS3 as much as the next guy but 4/5 is not a bad score. the review is a little poor, but as for the SCORE its fine, considering all the 10/10 this game has been getting, an 8/10 is ok here and there, give the fanboyism a break guys

Fishy Fingers3171d ago (Edited 3171d ago )

For giving as close to perfect (without perfect) that their grade scale allows? I wish N4G would blacklist moaning.

Kurylo3d3171d ago

not for this game its not... this game is a 10/10.. anyone whose played it will tell u that from the first 5 min into the game.. its insanity how much attention to detail and camera work went into this title.. and the game play is just insanely good.. and epic... makes hairs raise on the back of your neck.... the game is a master peice.. 8/10 is 1 point away from the grade of a C lol... and it definently isnt a B title. This game should have a perfect score.

Syronicus3171d ago

Scores for this game are now irrelevant... We all know the game is epic and serves the fans to the core. If you don't like GOWIII then it's not the game, it's all you.

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Hellsvacancy3171d ago (Edited 3171d ago )

"however it does have some very minor problems keeping it from being something completely spectacular" so wot r these minor problems? oh, sum of the weapons look the same and God Of War 3 plays a little 2-much like the 1st 2 games, bit of a lame reason 4 markin it down if u ask me

Kinda off topic but it said about the puzzles in the God Of War games, it must of taken me 2-3 hours 2 figure out a puzzle in the 1st God Of War game last week, u hav these 2 pillars and a lift and u need 2 get on 2 this ledge 2 rescue sum stupid women whos hangin there, took me AGES man, didnt realize all u need 2-do is stack them on top of each other - doh (i guess smokin 2-much herb really does rot ya brain)

My PS3 got the YLOD again last week (buyin a Slim 2-moz) so my virgin experience of God Of War has been put on hold, i didnt even get 2 finish the 1st game, my PS3 couldnt handle the epicness lol

bobrea3171d ago

I hate 5 point score systems because a 4 translates to an 80%

soapyluggage3171d ago (Edited 3171d ago )

I mean, I understand the PS3 has no games so the PS3 fanboys want the review of the first PS3 game ever to be perfect (omg its a joek!!1), but you guys are ridiculous. You're mad he doesn't give it a perfect score and then you say "WHAT PROBLEMS? YOU MENTION PROBLEMS BUT YOU DON'T LIST THEM!" You do realize that if he had listed every single problem with the game, you'd all be jumping on that, right? Now, I personally have not played the game but I have played Ninja Gaiden 1&2 for Xbox and Xbox 360 respectively, and I can say that those are the best action games in my mind, if not all time. He's most likely comparing this game to those because if GoW 3 is #1, then the Team Ninja Ninja Gaiden series is #2. It'd be interesting to see his thoughts on those games, and then you'd get a clearer picture of his opinions. Perhaps he's just not a very big fan the genre, so while this might be a great action game, it's just not his preferred type of thing to play. Looking at most of the articles on that site I feel that the reviews are far too short, especially for an online environment where you have as much space as needed to write what you think about a game. You guys need to remember this is his OPINION on something. I think your anger should lie with Sony for not making any other games on the PS3 rather than this dude who thinks the only one just isn't perfect.


PS: I mean, it took that guy hours to figure out a puzzle in an action game? He must have covered up the rating when he asked his mom to buy it for him.

moeqawama3171d ago (Edited 3171d ago )

I swear to god, since this game's reviews have been out, i have never seen a group of videogame reviewers hate on a single game more than this one... picking out all these tiny minoot details like they can do better; they can all go screw themselves man. Haters will hate

soapyluggage3171d ago

Hey bro, why don't you try taking the review as a whole instead of a bunch of filler and two negative lines about your favorite game? The first sentence states GoW3 is a "great action game." This is a positive review of a game the reviewer thoroughly enjoyed but you're screaming about "hatuhzz" like a child because his review was something other than him having intercourse with the game disc and exclaiming how perfect it is.

Also, the word is "minute.". Try the spellcheck button. That's why it's there.


moeqawama3171d ago

Thanks for the grammar check bro... its good to know ur good for something

soapyluggage3170d ago

Actually, bro, that's what us intelligent people like to call a "spelling error," not so much a "grammar error." It's cute that you think you have any grasp whatsoever on the English language.

PS: just like a PS3 fanboy to completely ignore the entire point of my post. Adorable. I just want to pinch your cheeks!

moeqawama3170d ago (Edited 3170d ago )


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