Monster Hunter Portable 3rd Announced For PSP

A few hours ago, Capcom held a Monster Hunter press conference in Japan and put an embargo on all of the news. However, a savvy Twitter user captured the big story – Monster Hunter Portable 3rd.

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qface643171d ago

so its pretty much NOT monster hunter 3 tri
judging by this its most likely a new entry in the MH series

i just find it weird that the would call it 3rd
im assuming because its the 3rd portable monster hunter that isn't an expansion

Myst3171d ago

Monsters from Tri are included, the underwater levels are out there from what I've heard. So It's close to tri, but not a direct port.

vhero3171d ago

Another exclusive for the Playstation brand..

HolyOrangeCows3171d ago

Gives us a freaking PS3 Monster Hunter already!

ThanatosDMC3171d ago

Yeah, a PS3 MH would be great.

vhero3171d ago

Monster Hunter is more suited to the portable brand its better off left there.

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sashimi3171d ago

I hope one day i'll see a Monster Hunter game for the Ps3 since i heard good things from the series and my friends tell me that i'd enjoy such a game.

dredgewalker3171d ago

Give me MH3 for my PS3 please! All i want is to play MH on an HD console. I get a lot of stiff neck from playing MH on my psp. Im not really unhappy with it but i feel better playing with my joystick and large screen tv. Plus it would be a joy to play it online with a lot of different people for a change.

Corrwin3171d ago

It seems to me that any MH game is worth getting, and you may never need another game ever - just so much to do!

It's quite annoying that the biggest innovation in the series as of late has been waggle on the wii, but if they stick to the crappy controls for the PSP version, I will rage! Honestly, do you need the nipple, d-pad AND Left shoulder button all to move and look around? No, probably not. Fix it CAPCOM!

crinale3171d ago (Edited 3171d ago )

Well, the predecessor sold 3.8 mil in Japan ALONE. What did you expect?

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