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earbus2833d ago

wow this is looking great the outdoor shot of the house is mad.

hellraiserpop2833d ago

I hope there's an ingame faclity to take screenshots. That pic was so awesome.

Komega2833d ago

I'm gonna hate myself for doing it, but I may have to buy another 360 to play this game. Or is it coming to PC as well?

vudu2833d ago

360 "exclusive". No pc love. Yet.

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fear882833d ago

Thanks for those pics. Those Alan Wake pics you posted are definitely better than the one from the news submission.

Rush2832d ago

O seriously whatever helps you little ladies sleep at night.

A change in the wind2833d ago

"does anyone else need to change their shorts?"
Yeah, everybody who just picked up God of War 3.

120FPS2833d ago

Just in case certain people arent aware, clicking the disagree button doesnt make it not true.....

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The story is too old to be commented.