Kotaku Census 2010: The Consoles You Own

Luke Plunkett of Kotaku writes:

"All week long, we'll be running Kotaku Census 2010, where we ask you a ton of questions, and you answer them. Our first polls are now up, and want to know all about the consoles you own.

Consoles, handhelds, whatever you own and in whatever combination you own them in, the ones that work and the ones that don't, the ones you play and the ones you won't, let us know in the polls below.

In response to some queries stemming from the original announcement post, I'd also like to point out this is in no ways related to advertising. We're not passing this onto our ad team, it's not being sponsored by anyone, nor is it being used by any company as market research.

It's by us, for us, and for you. That's it. And when the dust settles next week, we should have a very interesting set of results."

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vgn243194d ago

If I have everything, do I get a prize? lol

pangitkqb3194d ago

And a high-end gaming PC and iPhone 3GS. I'm seriously spoiled.