Sony President Full of Thankful Feelings For Capcom

Andriasang: Those flowers were sent to the event by Sony Computer Entertainment Japan president Shawn Layden. Sony apparently has much to be thankful for.

Perhaps this is a briefing where all those reports regarding Monster Hunter Portable 3rd and a downloadable Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G will be revealed to be more than just rumors?

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Dragun6192833d ago

I would really be thankful if Capcom announce Monster Hunter 4 to the PS3, but Monster Hunter Portable 3rd sounds just as good too.

Noctis Aftermath2833d ago

So how long until the embargo is lifted?

Narutone662833d ago

on the PS3 is great, add 3D to the game and it will be awesome. I would also guess that PS Move will also be supported if ever it were to be released later on.

Convas2833d ago

Capcom knows that Lost Planet 2 IS the Next Gen Monster Hunter. Ya'll just haven't been looking at the signs.

bjornbear2833d ago

good point and I agree from a game design point of view but

do you really think Lost Planet 2 will sell as well on the PS3 as Monster Hunter 4 would? especially in Japan?! i don't =)

hence why i wouldn't be surprised if that happened!

ThanatosDMC2833d ago

I bet the president is addicted to Monster Hunter too! HAHAHA!

zeeshan2833d ago

Never played a single Monster Hunter game. Is it any good guys? Sorry but I don't trust the media lately and those so-called reviewers. I'd rather listen to you guys who are the real gamers instead of IGN, Edge or Eurogamer or...

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Eternally332833d ago

Why the fuc! cant Capcom announce it for PS3 to.

Blaster_Master2833d ago

Okay, so is Monster Hunter coming for the 360 or not? I keep on going to gamestop and thosed dudes are telling me im full of crap, when I know I seen news on N4G about how Capcom had a special 360 annnouncment and that you have to play for live and an MMO type of subscription. Am I going bannanas or what?

Christopher2833d ago

Inquiring mind wants to know.