Project Natal Sacks PlayStation Move in Reader Vote

Mashable: Last week, Sony announced the PlayStation Move, a new motion-based controller to compete with both the Wii and, more importantly, Microsoft's upcoming Project Natal full-body motion controller.

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Godmars2903198d ago (Edited 3198d ago )

Much like this article. Though I know its going to get approved... :(

myothercar3198d ago (Edited 3198d ago )

it is my strong suspicion that natal's trailer is full of nothing more than concepts that will never see daylight. sometimes things are too flashy to be true. my spidey senses are tingling, but most of that site's readers have no idea, so they pick natal because they're fooled into thinking that'll all be real in a few months.

i think this thing could fail to live up to the hype, but for now I'll let people get excited over the smoke and mirrors.

I'm talking about:

[*] milo being puppeted by a human

[*] molyneux purposely listening for someone to shout something that the system would recognize

[*] bottom of an avatar's shoe

[*] jimmy fallon crashing in burnout because the camera ignored his turning motions

[*] black clothes not tracking properly

[*] studio insider calling it "S**T, slow, imprecise."

[*] processors being removed

[*] finger tracking not as robust as people hoped

..and so on

whateva3198d ago (Edited 3198d ago )

but for everyone who's calling The PlayStation Move a rip off of the Wii, I think you better take a look at this video!

morganfell3198d ago

...and the Move sacks natal in actual performance.

hazardman3198d ago

We don't know that yet, unless you've seen both in action this yr...I'm taking a wait and see approach..Sony showed off MOVE..I want to see how far Natal has come..They should be showing something this E3..

Death24943198d ago

PsEye+Move outperforming Natal at it's on game

blitz06233198d ago

What? 56% to 30% and that's 'sacking'? Oh and wait, less than 2500 total votes? WOW this is so news. Also coming from a very known contributor ;)

fear883198d ago (Edited 3198d ago )

Its hard to use a survey of interest to prove that Natal will work.

Natal may be more popular.


Answer: Very Unlikely.

Even if you argue that "But more people were impressed with the videos of Natal"

Put it this way, people are (EASILY) impressed by magic tricks but that does not mean magic is REAL.

WildArmed3198d ago

honestly, if the sample size was bigger, I woudlnt be surprised if not interested came up on top followed by Wii.

Because people who surf gaming sites rarely represent the public.

sid4gamerfreak3198d ago

Has gotta be the most retarded idea ever, in my opinion...

AKS3198d ago

Natal may be more interesting as a tech demo, but I don't see Natal working very well with Halo or Gears of War, whereas Move could work just fine with Uncharted, Killzone 2, ect. That doesn't mean Natal isn't going to be awesome. I'm just saying I'm not yet convinced that Natal is going to be better for the types of games I like to play.

vhero3198d ago Show
JonnyBadfinger3198d ago

Yeah im not a fan of anything remotely motion controlled.

Natal- no thanks i would rather hold something in my hands.
Move - Why? dont go down the Wii road... its almost sad.
Wii - just get out of my sight, you have ruined videogames for ever...

The less senior pensioners i see playing videogames, the better. Something very unsettling when you see someones grandmother rage quit Super Smash Bros... then turn around beat their grand child in frustration.
And dont tell me thats never happened... hundred bucks says someone reading this right now is re-living a family get together they would rather forget.

kraze073197d ago

That was the smartest comment I've heard all day.

captain-obvious3197d ago (Edited 3197d ago )

no sh!t
MS hyped the f*ck out of it and still hyping it
yah no surprise here

but the funny thing about xboxfanboys is this
if this was about RROD
they'll be all over the report link, and all of them well complain that its a vote
and it got nothing to do with the real thing, and the RROD is gone

darkmurder3197d ago

b b but ms bought out this site everyone knows that....

God_Of_Epicness3197d ago

I bet you 1 million that Natal will sack Move in terms of sales. 1 million dollars. MS will advertise and fool the dumb Americans and Brits and maybe it'll sell 5 million in 1st month? Trust me it will. You know how d-u-m-b bots are right?

jjohan353197d ago

I'm pretty sure Microsoft will get Natal up and running, but at what cost? Natal games are probably going to look like outdated Wii games with cartoon colors.

beardpapa3197d ago (Edited 3197d ago )

MS will promote the crap outta Natal with mall kiosks everywhere following Nintendo's strategy. Sony won't market a thing and pretty soon Natal will be the biggest thing. People will even forget the EyeToy existed at kiosks in ToysRus back in the PS2 days. The Move will go down in history like hd-dvd did. They don't need Natal or motion control in general to work. They just need to pretend it does. It's not like the casuals care.

Since when did mommy care that the WiiFit actually shed her some pounds?
When did little Daniel care that the WiiMote was acurate enough to control his favorite racing game, Cars ?
When did the kids ever care for 1:1 when they were shooting ducks on the screen?

The casuals don't give a hoot.

Sony's targeting the core with their motion control but MS wants a piece of the casual pie that Nintendo snagged, and that slice is a much larger piece of pie.

OmegaSlayer3197d ago

The Natal vs Move match has a clear outcome.
If you search on the net fanboys bashing the devices, in the worst cases you'll read that Natal will fail, Move will suck.
There's a big difference.

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nogolis3198d ago

There's a difference being a spectator and actually participating. I've played all 3 now and I'm here to say with 100% certainty, Natal sucks. Bad. It might sound cool... It might even be displayed cool by Microsoft in those mock up videos. But it's anything but what you really get.

Natal has nothing to offer right now. It's laggy. It's glitchy. Microsoft, when we were there, were very silent on how we're going to interact with previous game, if at all. We asked how we could control it more fluidly for a TPA and they declined to comment.

Sony, on the other hand, they were very upfront about what they wanted MOVE to do and achieve. They even told us it was still early and things are ever changing. They said what you see today doesn't mean you won't see a change 3 months from now. It's all up in the air until we find a happy medium with ourselves and the consumer.

Microsoft offered up nothing of the sort at GDC. At all. My money, if I have to go in on Motion controls, is with Sony.

Godmars2903198d ago

But the one point you have to give MS is that they've got the hype train running to full effect.

That's why you've got Natal winning in pointless polls like this one.

sinncross3198d ago

Hopefully we will see the true capability of both at E3.

I honestly think people have been giving Sony a little too much flak at GDC when E3 would be the best time to gauge how well the controller can work.

Neo6043198d ago (Edited 3198d ago )

when they get it home they will look like this:

Hoggy19833198d ago (Edited 3198d ago )

"They even told us it was still early and things are ever changing. They said what you see today doesn't mean you won't see a change 3 months from now. It's all up in the air until we find a happy medium with ourselves and the consumer."

Generic PR nonsense.

Ju3197d ago

For Natal to really have an impact at Christmas, MS should have showed something at the GDC. Not necessarily to the public, but to developers. Nothing of that sort happened. Makes me wonder why.

nogolis3197d ago

They did show it at GDC... It just sucked and so the media biasedly chooses not to talk about it. That's really what's going on here. Natal sucked. Bad. Everyone knows it and everyone is affraid to speak out about it because of Microsoft. Sony's "MOVE" on the otherhand... It's open season on it. Let's bash it to hell because it was actually functional and did what Sony said it could do.

The Lazy One3197d ago

They did not show it at GDC. Not on the expo floor at least. They might have showed it in closed door sessions (I'm guessing they did), but there was nothing on the show floor remotely related to Natal.

Microsoft didn't even really have a product placement booth at GDC.

People drastically over estimate the media impact of GDC.

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EvilJoey3198d ago

screw this post

Its pretty stupid, Trying to say there is more of a buzz about natal when its the Least seen So far.

morganfell3198d ago

It knew better than to stick it's head up at GDC. If there is ever a time to show your tech to other devs and potential publishers at GDC. The MS booth was like a ghost town. Sony had 3 times the floor space. People were actually sleeping on chairs at the MS booth.

The Lazy One3197d ago

That's because the M$ "booth" you're talking about was actually a lounge upstairs. The Sony booth was a booth and actually in the expo hall.

By this time, all the developers that need to know about Natal do. Just because it's not out at trade shows doesn't mean microsoft isn't letting anyone know about it.

Michael Myers3198d ago

motion controls dont matter. and i like the move alot better.

WildArmed3198d ago

I agree, 'motion controls don't matter.'

Wii has already taken that market. Now the people looking to buy a ps3 or 360 aren't definitely going in there for motion gaming.

Imo, if the sample size of the poll was much larger (and not on a gaming site, because the majority of the gamers dont goto gaming sites)
I'd expect Wii motes and Don't care to be topping the poll by vast numbers

ELite_Ghost3197d ago

who gives a crap, everyone that uses those will get raped by people who just use normal controllers :P

The Wood3198d ago (Edited 3198d ago )

only one left and no reader poll will make any of these actually WORK. lets just wait and see huh...hype is one thing...enjoyment is something else